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Far Cry 5 animals guide: How to tame a dog, bear and mountain lion

As you travel through the vast, violent world of Hope County, you’ll come across many a person — and even animal — who’s willing to jump on board with the resistance to take down the Peggies.

These “guns for hire” are a particularly useful asset when it comes to battling the many different regions and cultists scattered throughout the land.

Some are found by liberating outposts, while others are found randomly strolling across the world. You may also need to visit certain places and complete certain missions in order to unlock them.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the animals available for “hire” (if you can call it that) in Far Cry 5: where to find them, how to tame them, and when.

Boomer (Dog)

far cry 5 animals

Species: Dog

Class: Scout

Where to find: Holland Valley—Rae Rae’s Pumpkin Farm

How to unlock: When you first visit the farm, a new mission titled “Man’s Best Friend” will begin. In this, you’ll need to defeat Boomer’s captures and release him from his cage. This will unlock him as a gun for hire.

Useful for: Boomer is, as expected, a fantastic scouting option. He is particularly useful for marking enemies without raising an alarm, and can also grab weapons and the like from fallen foes. While Boomer is aggressive and a relatively solid battler, it would not be a good idea to send him directly into the heat of battle. Rather, he is best used when attempting to plan your approach to a battlefield.


  • Pointer: Tags all nearby enemies
  • Retriever: May fetch a weapon after an attack

Cheeseburger (Bear)

far cry 5 animals

Species: Bear

Class: Heavy

Where to find: Whitetail Mountains—Linero Building Supplies

How to unlock: Once you clear out the F.A.N.G. Centre outpost in the Whitetail Mountains area, you’ll speak with Wade. You’ll need to do some fishing to feed Cheeseburger once the interaction is complete: head to the water river north of Landsdowne Airstrip to fish for the right stuff.

Once you caught some fish, head back to Linero Building Supplies, and feed Cheeseburger. After you feed him, some cultists will attempt to capture him: fight alongside him and beat the cultists, and he’ll join your team.

Useful For: Sheer and utter brutality. He can perform devastating melee attacks, although he may struggle against VIPs. Fantastic for drawing attention away from you, and sending an outpost into a fit of panic.


  • Bear Arms: Will attack at all costs
  • Cross to Bear: Draws attention during combat

Peaches (Mountain Lion)

Species: Mountain Lion

Class: Stealth

Where to find: Henbane River—Peaches Taxidermy

How to unlock: Speak to Miss Mable at Peaches Taxidermy in the Henbane River region. Once there, she’ll ask you to find Peaches, who’s off hunting cultists. There are some treats on the table, grab these and travel to the nearby camp.

Once there, take out the cultists, and then equip Peaches’ treats. Throw them on the ground to lure Peaches back to Miss Mable. Once you’re almost back to the Taxidermy, some cultists will appear: defeat them. Throw treats towards enemies for Peaches to attach. Once they are all defeated, lure Peaches back into her cage, and speak with Miss Mable. This will unlock Peaches as available for hire.

Useful For: She’s a fantastic stealth resource, and can stealthily take out all cultists at an outpost if directed well. Once she is spotted, she is extremely vulnerable to gunfire, although she can quickly escape an area.


  • Pounce: Silently take down enemy
  • Stalk: Stay hidden while moving through tall grass
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