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PUBG hits 5 million players on Xbox One

If you were one to question the viability and potential of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on console, this latest news is sure to put you in your place.

PUBG has certainly found a place among console heavyweights, having pulled 5 million players through the online turnstile and into the open world battle royale spectacular.

pubg best weapons

It’s taken less than three months for the game to reach that figure on Xbox One, impressive considering the game’s initial struggles, multiple updates, and differences when compared to the PC version.

It had reached the three million milestone by January, with more than one million copies sold within the first 48 hours of it even being on sale.

Xbox One players were gifted 30,000 Battle Points to celebrate the four-million player milestone in late January, and similar rewards are being handed out to mark the five-million mark milestone.

pubg best weapons

While the five million player mark is mighty impressive, there’s also a stack of other interesting statistics for PUBG on Xbox One.

More than 4.9 million chicken dinners have been served, while the average time required to win is 34 minutes.

23.4 million care packages have been delivered across more than 144 million total hours played.

pubg best weapons

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), 41 million players have been claimed by the blue zone, while 13.8 million have died via a melee weapon.

Check out the full list of interesting statistics below. Xbox One PUBG players will be gifted a celebratory jacket to mark the newest milestone.

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