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Overwatch Year Of The Dog release date: New skins and capture map confirmed

Overwatch players are once again preparing to celebrate the Lunar New Year, with this year’s Year Of The Dog event set to kickstart on February 8.

As expected, the event will bring with it a hoard of new Legendary skins — some old, and some new — along with a new Capture map.

The new map is called “Ayutthaya”, and is based in Thailand. Designed specifically for capture the flag-style games, the map will hopefully help reignite interest in the Capture mode, and perhaps also boost player numbers in Capture The Flag, which launched for the Year Of The Rooster event last year and wasn’t all that great.

The event is expected to launch at around 11am PT on February 8, which is around 6am AEDT on February 9.

We don’t have an official launch time for the Year of The Dog event, although the above timing is based on the launch of past events and so it should be thereabouts.

Overwatch players can also expect a bunch of new skins to celebrate the event. Unfortunately, none of the skins have leaked yet ahead of the event, although based on last year’s offerings there’s no doubt they’ll be similarly extravagant and in-demand.

It’s also expected that last year’s skins will return, although perhaps consider the change in theme, Blizzard might opt to slightly tweak the ones that were offered last year.

With most events last in the 3-week range, that gives plenty of time for players to check out the new Ayutthaya map, and also work their way through all of the Legendary skins on offer.

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