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DayZ on Xbox One set to debut “at some point’ this year

Before Fortnite there was PUBG, and before PUBG there was DayZ.

The open-world survival game, which started off as a mod, then morphed into a standalone game — or is officially referred to as a “standalone successor” to the mod — has been in development for a while now, dating back to 2012 following the successful ArmA 2 mod of the same name.

dayz xbox one

It entered early access on Steam back in December 2013, where it’s stayed as developer, Bohemia Interactive, continues to tweak and improve the experience ahead of a 2018 full release.

Now, much like PUBG, the game that has arguably overtaken DayZ in the survival genre stakes, Xbox One gamers will soon get a chance to test their own survival skills when the game hits the console’s early access platform.

dayz xbox one

Asked on Twitter if DayZ would ever be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation, Bohemia said, “Yes, coming to Xbox Game Preview at some point this year.”

Seeing as the game itself has be touted for a full release “sometime this year”, we probably shouldn’t expect DayZ on Xbox One anytime soon, and especially not before the end of the year.

As for the other console? Sorry, PS4 fans.

dayz xbox one

“We’re not sure about PS4 yet,” the studio said. “[But] we’ll release there too, eventually – just don’t know when yet.”

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