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Mario Kart Tour set for iPhone, Android in March 2019

If you thought Super Mario RunPokemon GO and Fire Emblem Heroes were the end of Nintendo’s mobile experiment, boy were you wrong!

Perhaps the most suitable Nintendo franchise for mobile devices, Mario Kart, is set to hit smartphones in March 2019, under the name Mario Kart Tour.

Nintendo is calling it a “mobile application”, which in typical Nintendo fashion is strangely cryptic and may suggest an app and experience that goes beyond simply being a racing game.

At the moment it’s also unclear whether Mario Kart Tour is actually its own game, or whether it’s a companion for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, although you’d think that if it were the latter that Nintendo would actually clarify this upon making the announcement.

That said, calling it a “mobile application” does also suggest it may be a companion app.

Nonetheless, the good new is that Mario Kart Tour is coming to smartphones … although we have to wait more than a year before it does.

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