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PUBG Xbox One vs PC controls: Here are the differences

It goes without saying that the transition from PC to console and vice-versa isn’t an easy one for gamers, especially when you’re moving from the version of shooter on one of the platforms to the other.

Now that PUBG has hit Xbox One, the game has come with a somewhat simplistic yet strangely complex control scheme, and while it may take a while to get used to, kudos has to go to the development team for cramming everything onto a single controller.

If you’ve spent even a small amount of time playing PUBG on PC, then you might find the controls on Xbox One a little cumbersome, and don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone. Hopefully this guide can make the transition a little easier for you.


Keyboard/Mouse Xbox One
Crouch C B
Prone Z Hold B
Jump Space A
Sprint Shift Click LS
Vault Space N/A
Walk Ctrl N/A
Auto-Run = N/A
Lean Q / E LT + Click LS



Keyboard/Mouse Xbox One
Forward W RT
Back S LT
Left A LS
Right D RS
Handbreak Space Y
Boost Shift LB
Honk Left-click Click LS



Keyboard/Mouse Xbox One
1st/3rd Person Toggle V RB
Switch to Left Shoulder/Right Shoulder Q / E N/A
Aim Right-Click Hold LT
Scope/ADS View Toggle Right-Click Once N/A
Hold breath (1st person only) Shift N/A
Watch bullet drop (while aiming) Left-Click Hold N/A



Keyboard/Mouse Xbox One
Reload R Y
Fire-mode Toggle B Right on d-pad
Switch Weapon 1-5 Number Keys (1-Primary, 2-Secondary, 3-Pistol, 4-Melee & 5-Grenade) Right on d-pad
Cycle Weapons Scroll Up/Down N/A
Next weapon G N/A
Change zeroing Page Up / Page Down Up/Down on d-pad
Reset zeroing Mouse wheel click Right on d-pad
Variable zoom on 8x/15x Mouse wheel N/A
Holster Weapon X Down on d-pad
Shoot Weapon Left Click RT


Other / Misc

Keyboard/Mouse Xbox One
Open/Close/Get-in/Get-out/Pickup F X
Medical and Boost items 7-Medical Kit, 8-First Aid Kit, 9-Bandages, 0-Energy Drink N/A
Split Items CTRL + Drag item off screen Hold Y
Fast attach attachments Right click N/A
Push to Talk T N/A
Voice chat mute/un-mute CTRL + T N/A
Master volume mute (mutes all audio) CTRL + M N/A
Switch Voice Channel CTRL + Y N/A
Toggle UI CTRL + U N/A
Inventory TAB / I Menu button
Map M View button
Map (Zoom in/out) Scroll wheel LT/RT
Center map around the character’s current position Space N/A
Mark current position Insert N/A
Place Marker Right Click A
Remove Marker Delete/Right Click B
Free look ALT + Mouse Move N/A
Quick Looting Right click N/A
Cooking grenade R N/A
Underhand throw grenades Left click hold, Right click then press ‘R’ N/A

Citizen Four

Thursday 14th of December 2017

There are a buuuunch of mistakes in the xbox controls listed. Y to reload??? have you even played?


Thursday 21st of December 2017

Its one of those things that it really need to be optimised or the option to move anything around. It was a quick cash crab though for the holiday season.

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