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PUBG Xbox guide: How to split ammo with your partner

If you’ve only experienced PUBG as a lone wolf, you’re missing out on something special with the game’s Duo mode.

Teaming up with a partner allows you to take better control of the map, and to also ensure you have backup there when things might get a little heated.

Working alongside and planning with your partner is obviously an important component of this specific type of PUBG experience, and so not sharing supplies, weapons and ammo with them would certainly defeat the purpose of playing this way to begin with.

If you’re wanting to split ammo and items with your partner — and you should be, otherwise you’re not a very good partner — or simply drop certain items to make additional room in your inventory, the good news is that it’s a fairly easy process, although it might be tough to wrap your head around if you’re jumping into PUBG for the first time.

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How To Split Ammo

To split items and ammo, pull up your inventory by pressing the Menu button on your controller (that’s the right-most central button, the old “Start” button).

Then all you need to do is press “Y” on the control, and the item will be split in half.

Now that sounds simple enough, hey? The downside is that it’s actually fairly limited compared to the PC version, which uses a far more engaging and controlling drag-and-drop system, whereas Xbox players are limited to a single press and then a halving of items down the middle. Should you partner not have the inventory room to take all of these additional items, well then you end up splitting it unevenly anyway.

Still, it’s a useful way to ensure you and your partner are well stocked and covered across the same items and resources, so be sure to use it often and make sure your partner has the tools necessary to survive.

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