Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to increase your Health Points and live for longer Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to increase your Health Points and live for longer
In this guide we'll cover how to increase your health, regenerate health during battle, and which armor to quip in Assassin's Creed: Origins. Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to increase your Health Points and live for longer

Combat plays an important role in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and so being prepared and ready to enter battle with every resource available to you is a pivotal component of the experience.

There are a few ways you can extent your life and Health Points in Assassin’s Creed, and outside of basic regeneration, which we discuss here, you can also rely on crafting and abilities to make you a near-invincible warrior during battle.

Your health meter in Assassin’s Creed: Origins is affected by:

  • Character level
  • Breastplate crafting level
  • HP from equipped shield
  • Abilities

Breastplate Armor Upgrade


Upgrading this increases health

LevelResources RequiredHealth Multiplier
15 Soft Leather1.3
27 Soft Leather + 5 Hard Leather1.6
38 Soft Leather + 6 Hard Leather1.9
410 Soft Leather + 7 Hard Leather2.2
512 Soft Leather + 9 Hard Leather2.5
614 Soft Leather + 11 Hard Leather + 7 Pelts2.8
716 Soft Leather + 13 Hard Leather + 8 Pelts3.1
819 Soft Leather + 15 Hard Leather + 9 Pelts3.4
923 Soft Leather + 18 Hard Leather + 11 Pelts + 3 Carbon Crystal3.7
1028 Soft Leather + 22 Hard Leather + 13 Pelts + 5 Carbon Crystal4.0


Regeneration Ability

This ability will allow you to regenerate health during a fight. Without this ability equipped, you’ll need to retreat in order to reclaim lost health.


AP Cost: 1

Availability: From The Start



Shields play an important role, for obvious reasons. Not only do they allow you a nice HP boost, they can also be used during combat to block enemy attacks and protect you from heavy attacks.

NameRarityHow to AcquireHealthUnique AttributeRare AttributeLegendary Attribute
Aegean PrinceRareBlacksmith, LootHealth: HighRanged Resistance IAdrenaline Absorption on Block IINone
Alexander’s ShieldRareComplete Plight of the Rebels questHealth: HighMelee Resistance IFire Resistance IINone
Antigonus ShieldRareComplete Conflicts of Interest questHealth: MediumRanged Resistance IIFire Resistance IINone
Bird of PreyRareUplayHealth: HighMelee Resistance IIFire Resistance IINone
Bronze ShieldCommonBlacksmith, LootHealth: MediumRanged Resistance INoneNone
CompendiumLegendaryComplete General Issue questHealth: HighBleeding on BlockRanged Resistance IVDamage Absorption on Block III
Djoser’s PrideLegendaryBlacksmith, LootHealth: ExtremeSleep on BlockMelee Resistance IIDamage Absorption on Parry III
Kush ShieldRareUplayHealth: MediumMelee Resistance IRanged Resistance IIINone
Madu’s ShieldCommonBlacksmith, LootHealth: MediumMelee Resistance INoneNone
Medjay ShieldCommonBayek’s default shield, Blacksmith, LootHealth: MediumMelee Resistance INoneNone
Medusa’s GazeLegendaryNomad’s BazaarHealth: HighRanged Resistance IIIDamage Absorption on Block IIISleep on Block
Metal ShieldCommonBlacksmith, LootHealth: LowMelee Resistance IIINoneNone
Phalangite ShieldLegendaryBlacksmith, LootHealth: ExtremePoison on BlockRanged Resistance IIAdrenaline Absorption on Block III
Phalanx ShieldRareBlacksmith, LootHealth: MediumMelee Resistance IIDamage Absorption on Block IINone
Reinforced ShieldLegendaryBlacksmith, LootHealth: HighMelee Resistance IVRanged Resistance IIDamage Absorption on Parry I
RemissionRareComplete Farms of Dionysias questHealth: MediumMelee Resistance IIIRanged Resistance IIINone
ScorpioLegendaryE-Store, Nomad’s BazaarHealth: HighRanged Resistance IIIDamage Absorption on Parry IIPoison on Block
Shield of HilarusRareComplete The Champion questHealth: MediumMelee Resistance IIIDamage Absorption on Parry IIINone
SPQRLegendaryE-Store or Nomad’s BazaarHealth: MediumRanged Resistance IIIDamage Absorption on Parry IIBleeding on Block
Wooden ShieldCommonBlacksmith, LootHealth: LowMelee Resistance IINoneNone
Worn ShieldCommonBlacksmith, LootHealth: LowRanged Resistance IINoneNone

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