Assassin’s Creed Origins best weapons guide: All swords, and how to acquire them Assassin’s Creed Origins best weapons guide: All swords, and how to acquire them
In this guide we'll run through every weapon available in Assassin's Creed: Origins, including where to find them. Assassin’s Creed Origins best weapons guide: All swords, and how to acquire them

As you traverse the world in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, you’ll loot and purchase a diverse range of gear. Part and parcel of any AC experience is the upgrading process, and it wouldn’t be levelling up your character without having the weapons and gear to show for it.

In this guide we’ll run through every weapon available in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, including where to find them.

The Basics

Weapons and gear come in the form of three rarities: Common, Rare, and Legendary. The higher your skill level, the more likely you are to find someone that little bit rarer.

These items are randomly generated as you find new areas, open chests, and defeat enemies. If, for example, you’re at a reasonably high level and you defeat a high-ranking enemy, you’re more likely to land a random Legendary item than if you were to be battling a lowly-ranked commander.

Many items can simply be found in chests, while others will need to be found or purchased, as well as by defeating specific enemies at certain times.

Let’s take a look at each weapon type.

Regular Swords

Regular Swords are your stand, “regular” weapons, neither special nor particularly powerful. They are good for mobile, quick attacks, but you’ll need to be agile and quick to get the most out of them, as they don’t deal out much damage.

Regular SwordRarityWhere To FindDamageUnique AttributeRare AttributeLegendary Attribute
Amun’s BladeCommonBlacksmith, LootMediumCritical Hit Rate IINoneNone
Bronze SwordCommonBlacksmith, LootMediumCritical Hit Rate INoneNone
Coast of RussicadaLegendaryNomad’s BazaarMediumCritical Hit Rate IIAdrenaline on Hurt IIHealth on Hit
Copper SwordRareBlacksmith, LootLowCritical Hit Rate IICombo Multiplier INone
The FalcataLegendaryNomad’s BazaarMediumCritical Hit Rate ICritical Hit Damage IIIHealth for Damage
Freeman SwordCommonDefeat Duelist in Cyrene Gladiator ArenaLowCritical Hit Rate INoneNone
Golden WolfLegendaryBlacksmith, LootLowCritical Hit Rate IVCritical Hit Damage IIHealth on Kill
Gudbrand BladeCommonBlacksmith, LootLowCritical Hit Rate INoneNone
Hepzefa’s SwordLegendaryComplete “Meet Aya at Siwa” Main questHighCritical Hit Rate IIIAdrenaline on Hurt IIOn Fire
Humbaba’s FangLegendaryNomad’s BazaarHighCritical Hit Rate IVCombo Multiplier ISleep on Hit
Khamudid Lost BladeCommonBlacksmith, LootLowCritical Hit Rate IIINoneNone
Mustapha’s BladeLegendaryBlacksmith, LootExtremeCritical Hit Rate IIBleeding on Hit IIInstant Charging
Rusted BladeCommonBlacksmith, LootLowCritical Hit Rate IINoneNone
Sea People’s BladeRareBlacksmith, Loot, Nomad’s BazaarHighCritical Hit Rate IAdrenaline Regeneration INone
ShamshirRareUplayMediumCritical Hit Rate IIAdrenaline Regeneration INone
Silver WindLegendaryBlacksmith, LootHighCritical Hit Rate IIAdrenaline Regeneration IIILow Health Critical
Sword of the FreeRareBlacksmith, LootMediumCritical Hit Rate IIBleeding on Hit IINone
Thutmosid SwordCommonBlacksmith, LootHighCritical Hit Rate INoneNone


Sickle Swords

These weapons act as a great alternative to the Regular range of swords, allowing for quicker movement and more damage caused.

NameRarityWhere To FindDamageUnique AttributeRare AttributeLegendary Attribute
ArunaLegendaryE-Store, Nomad’s BazaarHighBleeding on Hit IIIAdrenaline on Hurt IILow health Critical
Battle of Gibeon BladeCommonBlacksmith, LootHighBleeding on Hit INoneNone
Berserker BladeLegendaryBlacksmith, LootExtremeBleeding on Hit IAdrenaline on Hurt ILow Health Critical
Bronze KhopeshCommonBlacksmith, LootLowBleeding on Hit IINoneNone
Canaanite BladeRareBlacksmith, Loot, Nomad’s BazaarHighBleeding on Hit IAdrenaline Regeneration INone
Devotee of MontuCommonBlacksmith, LootLowBleeding on Hit INoneNone
Harpe of PerseusRareBlacksmith, Loot, Nomad’s BazaarLowCritical Hit Rate IIBleeding on Hit IINone
Imitation Siwan KhopeshLegendaryComplete Medjay Quest—the Nomad’s BazaarHighBleeding on Hit IICritical Hit Damage IHealth for Damage
Iron ShotelCommonBlacksmith, LootMediumBleeding on Hit INoneNone
Khopesh swordCommonBlacksmith, LootMediumBleeding on Hit IIINoneNone
Nilotic KhopeshCommonBlacksmith, LootMediumBleeding on Hit IINoneNone
Pearl of Dur-JakinLegendaryNomad’s BazaarHighBleeding on Hit IICritical Hit Damage IHealth on Hit
Sanaa KhopeshCommonComplete Medjay Quest— Bayek’s HouseMediumBleeding on Hit IINoneNone
Sword of PtahRareComplete Medjay Quest—Song of the DesertLowBleeding on Hit IIICombo Multiplier INone
ThornLegendaryE-Store, Nomad’s BazaarHighBleeding on Hit IIICritical Hit Rate IISleep on Hit
Viper’s ToothLegendaryBlacksmith, LootLowBleeding on Hit IVCombo Multiplier IPoison on Hit


Dual Swords

These weapons are ideal for close combat, allowing you to deal excessive amounts of damage within close proximity of the enemy.

NameRarityWhere To FindDamageUnique AttributeRare AttributeLegendary Attribute
Eyes of HorusLegendaryE-Store, Nomad’s BazaarHighAdrenaline Regeneration IICritical Hit Rate IVHealth on Kill
Fatal DuetLegendaryBlacksmith, LootExtremeAdrenaline Regeneration IIIAdrenaline on Kill IHealth on Kill
Hash and SlashRareBlacksmith, LootMediumAdrenaline Regeneration IICritical Hit Damage IINone
Jutes & CimbriCommonBlacksmith, LootDamage LowAdrenaline Regeneration IIINoneNone
Mirror BladesRareBlacksmith, LootLowAdrenaline Regeneration ICombo Multiplier INone
Motivational DuetCommonBlacksmith, LootHighAdrenaline Regeneration INoneNone
Scissor BladesCommonBlacksmith, LootLowAdrenaline Regeneration IINoneNone
Storm BladesLegendaryBlacksmith, LootHighAdrenaline Regeneration IIICritical Hit Rate IIInstant Charging
Wadjet’s KnivesLegendaryE-Store, Nomad’s BazaarHighAdrenaline Regeneration IVCritical Hit Damage IPoison on Hit

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