Splatoon 2 Gear guide: All clothing, headgear and shoes Splatoon 2 Gear guide: All clothing, headgear and shoes
In this guide, we'll take you through the three main types of gear: clothing, headgear and shoes, including their cost, rarity, and attached abilities. Splatoon 2 Gear guide: All clothing, headgear and shoes

Gear, in many ways, forms the core component of the Splatoon 2 experience. It all comes down to the time of gear you own and wear, the effectiveness of it in different situations, and the abilities it allows you to utilise in different situation.

Check out this guide for a rundown of Gear and why it’s important, and also the different types of brands available in the game.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the three main types of gear: clothing, headgear and shoes, including their cost, rarity, and attached abilities.


White TeeInk Saver (Sub)SquidForce400Common
Black TeeSpecial Power UpSquidForce400Common
Fugu TeeSwim Speed UpFirefin750Common
Red Vector TeeInk Saver (Main)Takoroka500Common
Sailor-Stripe TeeRun Speed UpSplash Mob700Common
White Anchor TeeNinja SquidSquidForce2,800Less Common
White Deca Logo TeeInk Resistance UpZink1,200Common
King JerseyRespawn PunisherEnperry3,100Less Common
White V-Neck TeeSpecial SaverSquidForce3,800Less Common
Black Urchin Rock TeeInk Recovery UpRockenberg850Common
Squid Squad Band TeeInk Resistance UpRockenberg900Common
Mister Shrug TeeInk Resistance UpKrak-On9,200Rare
Hightide Era Band TeeThermal InkRockenberg900Common
Purple Camo LSSub Power UpTakoroka600Common
Zekko Baseball LSBomb Defense UpZekko800Common
Pink Easy-Stripe ShirtQuick Super JumpSplash Mob3,800Less Common
Annaki Drive TeeThermal InkAnnaki5,500Less Common
Annaki Evolution TeeRespawn PunisherAnnaki8,800Rare
Zink Layered LSRespawn PunisherZink600Common
Choco Layered LSInk Saver (Sub)Takoroka1,400Common
Green TeeSpecial SaverForge1,200Common
Blue Tentatek TeeQuick RespawnTentatek3,100Less Common
Cycle King JerseyBomb Defense UpTentatek8,900Rare
FC AlbacoreRespawn PunisherTakoroka1,200Common
Varsity JacketInk Saver (Sub)Zekko11,500Rare
White Inky RiderSpecial Power UpRockenberg12,800Rare
Squid Satin JacketQuick RespawnZekko9,200Rare
Takoroka WindcrusherCold-BloodedTakoroka8,500Rare
FA-01 JacketInk Recovery UpForge10,100Rare
Pullover CoatThermal InkToni Kensa13,200Rare
Zekko Redleaf CoatHauntZekko2,600Less Common
Zekko Jade CoatRespawn PunisherZekko3,600Less Common
White King TankHauntEnperry600Common
Navy King TankInk Resistance UpEnperry600Common
Reel SweatSpecial Power UpZekko900Common
Negative Longcuff SweaterHauntToni Kensa11,800Rare
Positive Longcuff SweaterSwim Speed UpToni Kensa10,800Rare
Urchins JerseyRun Speed UpZink700Common
Vintage Check ShirtHauntRockenberg9,000Rare
Shirt & TieSpecial SaverSplash Mob8,400Rare
Octobowler ShirtInk Saver (Main)Krak-On2,100Less Common
Crimson ParashooterSpecial Charge UpAnnaki9,200Rare
Prune ParashooterNinja SquidAnnaki7,800Rare
Yellow Urban VestHauntFirefin4,100Less Common
Zekko HoodieNinja SquidZekko2,800Less Common
Grape HoodieQuick RespawnEnperry1,100Common
School UniformInk Recovery UpamiiboLess Common
Power ArmorQuick RespawnamiiboLess Common
Squinja SuitSpecial SaveramiiboLess Common
Splatfest TeeAbility DoublerSquidForce
Armor Jacket ReplicaSpecial Charge UpCuttlegearLess Common


Urchins CapSub Power UpSkalop600Common
Takoroka MeshBomb Defense UpTakoroka400Common
Camo MeshSwim Speed UpFirefin1,400Common
Backwards CapQuick RespawnZekko700Common
King Flip MeshRun Speed UpEnperry3,200Less Common
Jellyvader CapInk Saver (Sub)Skalop10,000Rare
Striped BeanieOpening GambitSplash Mob900Common
Knitted HatInk Resistance UpFirefin1,400Common
Retro SpecsQuick RespawnSplash Mob500Common
Tinted ShadesLast-Ditch EffortZekko350Common
Fake ContactsSpecial Charge UpTentatek2,000Less Common
Half-Rim GlassesSpecial Power UpSplash Mob4,100Less Common
Camping HatSpecial Power UpInkline800Common
Bamboo HatInk Saver (Main)Inkline2,200Less Common
Bucket HatSpecial SaverSquidForce400Common
Studio HeadphonesInk Saver (Main)Forge2,800Less Common
Squidfin Hook CansInk Resistance UpForge3,800Less Common
Sun VisorSub Power UpTentatek2,600Less Common
Bike HelmetInk Recovery UpSkalop4,800Less Common
MTB HelmetTenacityZekko10,500Rare
Paintball MaskComebackForge10,000Rare
Painter’s MaskCold-BloodedSquidForce4,500Less Common
Squid FacemaskInk Saver (Main)SquidForce300Common
King FacemaskInk Saver (Sub)Enperry500Common
Tennis HeadbandComebackTentatek300Common
Squid HairclipSwim Speed UpamiiboLess Common
Power MaskBomb Defense UpamiiboLess Common
Squinja MaskQuick RespawnamiiboLess Common
Hero Headset ReplicaRun Speed UpCuttlegearLess Common
Hero Headphones ReplicaQuick RespawnCuttlegearLess Common


Cream BasicsSpecial SaverKrak-OnCommon
White SeahorsesInk Recovery UpZink600Common
Strapping WhitesInk Saver (Sub)Splash Mob8,700Rare
Strapping RedsInk Resistance UpSplash Mob1,400Common
LE Soccer ShoesInk Resistance UpTakoroka7,500Rare
Sunny Climbing ShoesSpecial SaverInkline3,200Less Common
Birch Climbing ShoesSpecial Charge UpInkline1,200Common
Red Hi-HorsesInk Saver (Main)Zink800Common
Purple Hi-HorsesSpecial Power UpZink1,000Common
Hunter Hi-TopsInk Recovery UpKrak-On500Common
Gold Hi-HorsesRun Speed UpZink7,000Rare
MawcasinsInk Recovery UpSplash Mob2,400Less Common
Mint DakroniksDrop RollerZink1,200Common
Black DakroniksCold-BloodedZink1,500Less Common
Piranha MoccasinsStealth JumpSplash Mob9,400Rare
White Norimaki 750sSwim Speed UpTentatek3,800Less Common
Black Norimaki 750sSpecial Charge UpTentatek9,800Rare
Sunset Orca Hi-TopsDrop RollerTakoroka3,800Less Common
Red & Black Squidkid IVSpecial Charge UpEnperry11,000Rare
Blue & Black Squidkid IVQuick Super JumpEnperry11,000Rare
Gray Sea-Slug Hi-TopsBomb Defense UpTentatek8,500Rare
Orca Hi-TopsSpecial SaverTakoroka2,800Less Common
Pink TrainersSub Power UpTentatek500Common
Orange ArrowsInk Saver (Main)Takoroka1,100Common
Neon Sea SlugsInk Resistance UpTentatek700Common
Purple Sea SlugsRun Speed UpTentatek1,800Less Common
Crazy ArrowsStealth JumpTakoroka4,500Less Common
Black TrainersQuick RespawnTentatek500Common
Canary TrainersQuick Super JumpTentatek900Common
Yellow-Mesh SneakersCold-BloodedTentatek1,300Common
Arrow Pull-OnsDrop RollerToni Kensa10,000Rare
Red-Mesh SneakersSpecial Power UpTentatek1,700Less Common
Oyster ClogsRun Speed UpKrak-On600Common
Choco ClogsQuick RespawnKrak-On1,800Less Common
Neon Delta StrapsSub Power UpInkline4,800Less Common
Black Flip-FlopsObject ShredderZekko300Common
Snow Delta StrapsSwim Speed UpInkline8,800Rare
Blueberry CasualsInk Saver (Sub)Krak-On700Common
Plum CasualsObject ShredderKrak-On2,000Less Common
Trail BootsInk Recovery UpInkline7,500Rare
Pro Trail BootsInk Resistance UpInkline9,800Rare
Moto BootsQuick RespawnRockenberg3,800Less Common
Blue Moto BootsInk Resistance UpRockenberg10,800Rare
Acerola Rain BootsRun Speed UpInkline600Common
Punk WhitesSpecial Charge UpRockenberg3,800Less Common
Hunting BootsBomb Defense UpSplash Mob11,500Rare
Punk BlacksCold-BloodedRockenberg8,800Rare
Blue Slip-OnsSub Power UpKrak-On400Common
White KicksSwim Speed UpRockenberg1,400Common
Cherry KicksStealth JumpRockenberg2,400Less Common
Roasted BroguesBomb Defense UpRockenberg1,200Common
Kid ClamsSpecial Power UpRockenberg9,500Rare
Smoky WingtipsObject ShredderRockenberg8,600Rare
School ShoesInk Saver (Sub)amiiboLess Common
Samurai ShoesSpecial Power UpamiiboLess Common
Power BootsInk Saver (Main)amiiboLess Common
Fringed LoafersCold-BloodedamiiboLess Common
Squinja BootsSwim Speed UpamiiboLess Common
Power Boots Mk IBomb Defense UpamiiboLess Common
Hero Runner ReplicasQuick Super JumpCuttlegearLess Common
Armor Boot ReplicasInk Saver (Main)CuttlegearLess Common
Hero Snowboots ReplicasInk Saver (Sub)CuttlegearLess Common

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