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Splatoon 2 Gear guide: All clothing, headgear and shoes

Gear, in many ways, forms the core component of the Splatoon 2 experience. It all comes down to the time of gear you own and wear, the effectiveness of it in different situations, and the abilities it allows you to utilise in different situation.

Check out this guide for a rundown of Gear and why it’s important, and also the different types of brands available in the game.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the three main types of gear: clothing, headgear and shoes, including their cost, rarity, and attached abilities.


Clothing Ability Brand Cost Rarity
White Tee Ink Saver (Sub) SquidForce 400 Common
Black Tee Special Power Up SquidForce 400 Common
Fugu Tee Swim Speed Up Firefin 750 Common
Red Vector Tee Ink Saver (Main) Takoroka 500 Common
Sailor-Stripe Tee Run Speed Up Splash Mob 700 Common
White Anchor Tee Ninja Squid SquidForce 2,800 Less Common
White Deca Logo Tee Ink Resistance Up Zink 1,200 Common
King Jersey Respawn Punisher Enperry 3,100 Less Common
White V-Neck Tee Special Saver SquidForce 3,800 Less Common
Black Urchin Rock Tee Ink Recovery Up Rockenberg 850 Common
Squid Squad Band Tee Ink Resistance Up Rockenberg 900 Common
Mister Shrug Tee Ink Resistance Up Krak-On 9,200 Rare
Hightide Era Band Tee Thermal Ink Rockenberg 900 Common
Purple Camo LS Sub Power Up Takoroka 600 Common
Zekko Baseball LS Bomb Defense Up Zekko 800 Common
Pink Easy-Stripe Shirt Quick Super Jump Splash Mob 3,800 Less Common
Annaki Drive Tee Thermal Ink Annaki 5,500 Less Common
Annaki Evolution Tee Respawn Punisher Annaki 8,800 Rare
Zink Layered LS Respawn Punisher Zink 600 Common
Choco Layered LS Ink Saver (Sub) Takoroka 1,400 Common
Green Tee Special Saver Forge 1,200 Common
Blue Tentatek Tee Quick Respawn Tentatek 3,100 Less Common
Cycle King Jersey Bomb Defense Up Tentatek 8,900 Rare
FC Albacore Respawn Punisher Takoroka 1,200 Common
Varsity Jacket Ink Saver (Sub) Zekko 11,500 Rare
White Inky Rider Special Power Up Rockenberg 12,800 Rare
Squid Satin Jacket Quick Respawn Zekko 9,200 Rare
Takoroka Windcrusher Cold-Blooded Takoroka 8,500 Rare
FA-01 Jacket Ink Recovery Up Forge 10,100 Rare
Pullover Coat Thermal Ink Toni Kensa 13,200 Rare
Zekko Redleaf Coat Haunt Zekko 2,600 Less Common
Zekko Jade Coat Respawn Punisher Zekko 3,600 Less Common
White King Tank Haunt Enperry 600 Common
Navy King Tank Ink Resistance Up Enperry 600 Common
Reel Sweat Special Power Up Zekko 900 Common
Negative Longcuff Sweater Haunt Toni Kensa 11,800 Rare
Positive Longcuff Sweater Swim Speed Up Toni Kensa 10,800 Rare
Urchins Jersey Run Speed Up Zink 700 Common
Vintage Check Shirt Haunt Rockenberg 9,000 Rare
Shirt & Tie Special Saver Splash Mob 8,400 Rare
Octobowler Shirt Ink Saver (Main) Krak-On 2,100 Less Common
Crimson Parashooter Special Charge Up Annaki 9,200 Rare
Prune Parashooter Ninja Squid Annaki 7,800 Rare
Yellow Urban Vest Haunt Firefin 4,100 Less Common
Zekko Hoodie Ninja Squid Zekko 2,800 Less Common
Grape Hoodie Quick Respawn Enperry 1,100 Common
School Uniform Ink Recovery Up amiibo Less Common
Power Armor Quick Respawn amiibo Less Common
Squinja Suit Special Saver amiibo Less Common
Splatfest Tee Ability Doubler SquidForce
Armor Jacket Replica Special Charge Up Cuttlegear Less Common


Urchins Cap Sub Power Up Skalop 600 Common
Takoroka Mesh Bomb Defense Up Takoroka 400 Common
Camo Mesh Swim Speed Up Firefin 1,400 Common
Backwards Cap Quick Respawn Zekko 700 Common
King Flip Mesh Run Speed Up Enperry 3,200 Less Common
Jellyvader Cap Ink Saver (Sub) Skalop 10,000 Rare
Striped Beanie Opening Gambit Splash Mob 900 Common
Knitted Hat Ink Resistance Up Firefin 1,400 Common
Retro Specs Quick Respawn Splash Mob 500 Common
Tinted Shades Last-Ditch Effort Zekko 350 Common
Fake Contacts Special Charge Up Tentatek 2,000 Less Common
Half-Rim Glasses Special Power Up Splash Mob 4,100 Less Common
Camping Hat Special Power Up Inkline 800 Common
Bamboo Hat Ink Saver (Main) Inkline 2,200 Less Common
Bucket Hat Special Saver SquidForce 400 Common
Studio Headphones Ink Saver (Main) Forge 2,800 Less Common
Squidfin Hook Cans Ink Resistance Up Forge 3,800 Less Common
Sun Visor Sub Power Up Tentatek 2,600 Less Common
Bike Helmet Ink Recovery Up Skalop 4,800 Less Common
MTB Helmet Tenacity Zekko 10,500 Rare
Paintball Mask Comeback Forge 10,000 Rare
Painter’s Mask Cold-Blooded SquidForce 4,500 Less Common
Squid Facemask Ink Saver (Main) SquidForce 300 Common
King Facemask Ink Saver (Sub) Enperry 500 Common
Tennis Headband Comeback Tentatek 300 Common
Squid Hairclip Swim Speed Up amiibo Less Common
Power Mask Bomb Defense Up amiibo Less Common
Squinja Mask Quick Respawn amiibo Less Common
Hero Headset Replica Run Speed Up Cuttlegear Less Common
Hero Headphones Replica Quick Respawn Cuttlegear Less Common


Clothing Ability Brand Cost Rarity
Cream Basics Special Saver Krak-On Common
White Seahorses Ink Recovery Up Zink 600 Common
Strapping Whites Ink Saver (Sub) Splash Mob 8,700 Rare
Strapping Reds Ink Resistance Up Splash Mob 1,400 Common
LE Soccer Shoes Ink Resistance Up Takoroka 7,500 Rare
Sunny Climbing Shoes Special Saver Inkline 3,200 Less Common
Birch Climbing Shoes Special Charge Up Inkline 1,200 Common
Red Hi-Horses Ink Saver (Main) Zink 800 Common
Purple Hi-Horses Special Power Up Zink 1,000 Common
Hunter Hi-Tops Ink Recovery Up Krak-On 500 Common
Gold Hi-Horses Run Speed Up Zink 7,000 Rare
Mawcasins Ink Recovery Up Splash Mob 2,400 Less Common
Mint Dakroniks Drop Roller Zink 1,200 Common
Black Dakroniks Cold-Blooded Zink 1,500 Less Common
Piranha Moccasins Stealth Jump Splash Mob 9,400 Rare
White Norimaki 750s Swim Speed Up Tentatek 3,800 Less Common
Black Norimaki 750s Special Charge Up Tentatek 9,800 Rare
Sunset Orca Hi-Tops Drop Roller Takoroka 3,800 Less Common
Red & Black Squidkid IV Special Charge Up Enperry 11,000 Rare
Blue & Black Squidkid IV Quick Super Jump Enperry 11,000 Rare
Gray Sea-Slug Hi-Tops Bomb Defense Up Tentatek 8,500 Rare
Orca Hi-Tops Special Saver Takoroka 2,800 Less Common
Pink Trainers Sub Power Up Tentatek 500 Common
Orange Arrows Ink Saver (Main) Takoroka 1,100 Common
Neon Sea Slugs Ink Resistance Up Tentatek 700 Common
Purple Sea Slugs Run Speed Up Tentatek 1,800 Less Common
Crazy Arrows Stealth Jump Takoroka 4,500 Less Common
Black Trainers Quick Respawn Tentatek 500 Common
Canary Trainers Quick Super Jump Tentatek 900 Common
Yellow-Mesh Sneakers Cold-Blooded Tentatek 1,300 Common
Arrow Pull-Ons Drop Roller Toni Kensa 10,000 Rare
Red-Mesh Sneakers Special Power Up Tentatek 1,700 Less Common
Oyster Clogs Run Speed Up Krak-On 600 Common
Choco Clogs Quick Respawn Krak-On 1,800 Less Common
Neon Delta Straps Sub Power Up Inkline 4,800 Less Common
Black Flip-Flops Object Shredder Zekko 300 Common
Snow Delta Straps Swim Speed Up Inkline 8,800 Rare
Blueberry Casuals Ink Saver (Sub) Krak-On 700 Common
Plum Casuals Object Shredder Krak-On 2,000 Less Common
Trail Boots Ink Recovery Up Inkline 7,500 Rare
Pro Trail Boots Ink Resistance Up Inkline 9,800 Rare
Moto Boots Quick Respawn Rockenberg 3,800 Less Common
Blue Moto Boots Ink Resistance Up Rockenberg 10,800 Rare
Acerola Rain Boots Run Speed Up Inkline 600 Common
Punk Whites Special Charge Up Rockenberg 3,800 Less Common
Hunting Boots Bomb Defense Up Splash Mob 11,500 Rare
Punk Blacks Cold-Blooded Rockenberg 8,800 Rare
Blue Slip-Ons Sub Power Up Krak-On 400 Common
White Kicks Swim Speed Up Rockenberg 1,400 Common
Cherry Kicks Stealth Jump Rockenberg 2,400 Less Common
Roasted Brogues Bomb Defense Up Rockenberg 1,200 Common
Kid Clams Special Power Up Rockenberg 9,500 Rare
Smoky Wingtips Object Shredder Rockenberg 8,600 Rare
School Shoes Ink Saver (Sub) amiibo Less Common
Samurai Shoes Special Power Up amiibo Less Common
Power Boots Ink Saver (Main) amiibo Less Common
Fringed Loafers Cold-Blooded amiibo Less Common
Squinja Boots Swim Speed Up amiibo Less Common
Power Boots Mk I Bomb Defense Up amiibo Less Common
Hero Runner Replicas Quick Super Jump Cuttlegear Less Common
Armor Boot Replicas Ink Saver (Main) Cuttlegear Less Common
Hero Snowboots Replicas Ink Saver (Sub) Cuttlegear Less Common
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