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Ghost Recon Wildlands El Yeti guide: How to find and kill the Yeti

Back in May, Wildlands players finally found the Yeti, or El Yeti to be more precise. While it wasn’t the hairy beast many of us thought it would be, the El Yeti mystery added a lot of great adventure and community exploration to the experience.

Such was the popularity of the event, Ubisoft is bringing it back with a host of new rewards for those that participate.

Ghost Recon Wildlands El Yeti guide: How to find and kill the yeti

wildlands yeti


The Yeti will return to Bolivia, and while the challenges will remain the same, there will be new rewards for those that get involved.

Completing each of the 3 solo steps will reward you with:

  1. 2500 XP
  2. 2500 resources of each type

The three solo steps are:

  1. Find all 5 of the hints
  2. Summon El Yeti
  3. Kill and then photograph El Yeti

In order to kill El Yeti, you don't need to actually find all five hints: you can simply head to the coordinates and then take him out. However, if you want 2500 XP and those sweet resources, you'll need to complete each solo challenge.

wildlands yeti

Here's a breakdown of each clue.

  1. Latitude: -20.4267 Longitude: -66.3490

Look for a dead body holding a cypher disk

  1. Latitude: -20.8751 Longitude: -66.3978

Look for a dead body holding a note

  1. Latitude: -18.6125 Longitude: -66.9289

Search for the Yeti Cave

  1. Latitude: -19.9763 Longitude: -64.7935

There's a man hovering around this location. Find him, and the clip board he's carrying

  1. Latitude: -19.6843 Longitude: -67.1309

The final clue to complete the first step of the solo challenge is a crash plane

ghost recon wildlands el yeti

At this point, you’ll need to head to the Inca Camina province, and then snag yourself a helicopter to take for the ride. You could traverse the mountains by foot, but it’s incredibly tough terrain and it will take you far too long. Once you’re in the air, head to these coordinates:

  1. Latitude: -19.7410 Longitude: -66.6622

Land on the river near these coordinates, and while looking up towards the mountain range peak, look to the left and search for a bloodied rock, as seen in the image below.

Inspect this rock, watch the animation, and then immediately duck behind some rocks.

Once the animation stops, El Yeti will appear at the top of some mountains in the distance, and will start shooting at you from a distance.

This is a one-shot kill, so you want to make sure that if you fire back, you do so immediately after El Yeti fires off a shot.

Take out El Yeti with some skilled long-range sniping, and then head up to the mountain to inspect the dead body and nab the El Yeti ghillie suit. 

If you've followed all steps, you should earn yourself the rewards for this new event.

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