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Overwatch’s 25th hero Doomfist released onto PTR: Here are his abilities and stats

It’s been a very long time coming, but Doomfist is finally here.

Well, kind of. The much-hyped and talked about Overwatch hero is playable right now on the Public Test Realm (PTR) on PC, a lot sooner than expected following the tease released earlier this week.

Doomfist has been a long time in the making, and his design and composition is exactly as many of us expected. He’s a highly mobile attack hero, one that is considered to be an ideal frontline warrior that has a powerful punch.

His Hand Cannon acts as a perfect ranged attack weapon, while his charge will make for an ideal addition to dive comps looking to rush objectives and catch opponents off guard.

Let’s take a look at some of the damage Doomfist can deal on the battlefield, via the folks at Overwatch Central.

The Basics

Doomfist starts with 250 Health. He has a passive shield ability that can lift his Health up to 400 using normal abilities, and up to 450 combined with his Ultimate (detailed below, see “The Best Defense”).

Here are his abilities:

  • Primary: Hand Cannon
  • Alt: Rocket Punch
  • Alt: Rising Uppercut
  • Alt: Seismic Slam
  • Ultimate: Meteor Strike
  • Passive: The Best Defense (generating shield when dealing damage)

Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon is a short-range, high spread, auto-reload weapon. It appears to deal good damage at close to medium range, fitting into Doomfist’s apparent relevance in the dive meta.


  • Damage: 66 (non-headshot, 11 per pellet, 66 dealt if all pellets hit enemy)
  • Fire Rate: 4 shots(24 pellets) before auto-reload
  • Shield: +30 (after dealing damage)

Rising Uppercut

The Rising Uppercut knocks the enemy into the air, dealing minor damage. It does not interrupt enemy abilities/ultimates.


  • Damage: 50
  • Shield: +30 (after dealing damage)

Seismic Slam

This ability has Doomfist surge forward, jump and then slam down to the ground. It does not interrupt enemy abilities/ultimates


  • Damage: 50 approx
  • Shield: +30 (after dealing damage)

Rocket Punch

This alt fire ability has Doomfist lunge forward and knock an enemy back, dealing slight damage that increases if the enemy hits another player or wall. Hold to charge. The longer the hold, the harder the charge and the more damage dealt. Interrupts ultimates and abilities.


  • Damage: 50-100 damage on impact, additional 100-250 damage if the enemy hits a wall. Double damage up to full charge, and then an additional 50 damage is dealt when hitting a wall.
  • Shield: +30 (after dealing damage)

The Best Defense …

This passive ability creates personal shields for damage dealt to enemies using special abilities.

Basically, with Doomfist being a dive hero, the more damage he deals, the more shield he’ll gain. This is helpful when he’s in a 1v6 scenario and needs to take out a Mercy or Genji quickly, and might need to deal damage to surrounding tanks in order to stay alive. It seems as though Doomfist is the best and first pure dive hero in the game.

Each ability aside from the primary fire Hand Cannon gives Doomfist 30 shield, which slowly degenerates until you deal more damage. You can stack up to 400 health. Use the Ultimate, and you can push it up as high as 450 Health.

Meteor Strike (Ultimate)

With this Ultimate, Doomfist will leap into the air, and you’ll be able to target a “strike” by moving the target circles and selecting a target. As you can see in the above gif, there’s good range and movement ability.


  • Damage: 50-300
  • Shield: +30 (after dealing damage)
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