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Can Bioware’s ‘Anthem’ make amends?

Bioware has found itself in a position it probably never saw itself in four or five years ago.

After divisive releases in Dragon Age: Inquisition and the recent Mass Effect: Andromeda, the studio is fighting an uphill battle of relevance to remain as gaming’s premier RPG developer.

With Anthem, it appears to be taking the best of some of its more unique and intriguing worlds, and blending them together to create a new futuristic open-world experience.

A teaser out of yesterday’s EA press conference revealed a strange jungle-like setting, with a sci-fi aesthetic that ignites hope for a DestinyFar Cry hybrid.

“It is vast, dangerous, beautiful and unexpected,” EA executive vice president, Patrick Soderlund, said of Anthem. That’s your standard PR talk, and not much is really shown in the trailer below, but it’s hard not to be intrigued by Bioware’s next big adventure.

The jokes having been circulating since the trailer’s reveal: after the facial animation scandal that followed Andromeda around like a plague, Anthem appears to make an effort to focus on the game’s mechanical suits, so there’s no critique of animations here.

But of course, this trailer is in CGI and is not representative of the final game, simply giving us a small tease ahead of today’s Xbox press conference, where we’ll see more of the game in action.

Bioware’s own definition of the experience is perhaps the most interesting tidbit of information: it sets the scene for an experience about exploration, survival and danger. In that case, it could be the studio’s most ambitious — and scrutinised — game to date.

Check out the reveal trailer below, and stay tuned for more about Anthem out of today’s Xbox briefing.


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