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Battlefield 1 patch notes: May update introduces Operations playlists, nerfs bayonet charge

The latest update for Battlefield 1 is now live, introducing a number of important tweaks and adjustments to the game, as well as some key changes to two of its more popular game modes.

Vehicles, Operations, Dominion, and hit registration are the key focuses of the Battlefield 1 May update, which is now live across Xbox One, PC and PS4 versions of the game.

The Dominion game mode has seen is ticket count double, up to 200 from 100. This should please gamers hoping for longer matches.

Operations has also seen some key changes, aimed to improve the experience. Once a match in Operations is completed, you’ll be able to stay within the same lobby, and then select which side you’d like to play with. Previously, you’d be kicked back to the main menu, and forced to rejoin the queue to get into a match.

These playlists will be limited initially, but DICE is hoping to expand them significantly over the next few monthly updates.

At first, Operations lobbies will continue playing the same Operations match over and over again, with the only option available to players in the lobby being to switch sides.

It’s a “first step”, according to DICE, but more options will be added in the near future.

On the gameplay front, there have been a number of important adjustments. At the forefront is the nerf to bayonets. Initially, any player that initiated a bayonet charge would take 15 percent less damage during that period. That has been removed, as has the ability to turn during the charge. That should make it easier for players to avoid a charge, and to counter it should they be directly in the line of fire.

Lastly, DICE has made changes to how hit detection is applied and determined in-game. If your ping is under 130 ms, or under 200ms if you’re outside US or Europe, then hit detection is performed on a client level. Anything else will be dictated by the regional server.

Check out the full list of important changes below, and read the full patch notes here.


  • Fixed a Spectator Mode bug where the first-person camera could become stuck during the Pigeon Carrier Artillery camera sequence on the Assault Tank.
  • Changed ticket count for Domination to 200 from 100.
  • Fixed missing game mode description for Operations.
  • Tweaked scoring values for capturing flags in Conquest. Capturing gives less score now, however more capture ticks have been added and the team controlling more than 3 flags than the other team will be awarded Conquest Control bonuses.
  • Decreased the percentage of contribution to flag capture/neutralize from 50% to 30%.
  • Added “Join Any Operation” button to main Operations screen. Will start a matchmaking session to join any available operation at any size (40 or 64).
  • Spectator camera no longer missing from the map on Frontlines, Verdun, and Soissons.


  • Changes to bayonet charge:

o   Activated aiming speed modifier during prepare state as well as charge state. This means a player can rotate a maximum of 50 degrees during the prepare state. Also added an input modifier disabling strafe while charging.

o   Adding subtle boost to third person footsteps when bayonet charging to increase threat awareness. Boosted volume of Enemy VO for Bayonet Charge when close to player.

o   Slightly reduced maximum turn rate while charging.

o   Removed damage reduction while in charge. Weapons will now hit charging players for normal damage.

  • Fixed bug where Bipod Audio could persist when switching to secondary weapon.
  • Tweaked criteria for cross-class medal to require single shot rifles.
  • Added UI for grenade resupply.
  • Reduced the occluder size for the scope glint from 0.25m to 0.15m to hide it behind walls better.


  • Implemented per region threshold settings for server side hit detection: 160ms for US + Europe, 200ms elsewhere.
  • Fixed server side hit registration interpolation.
  • Leading shot only necessary by the margin above the threshold, e.g. For US @ 180ms ping, you have to lead by 20ms.
  • Fixed latency display for server which is also responsible for decision if to perform client or server side hit registration.
  • Fixed input offsets for server side hit registration to match client side.
  • Fixed wrong hit indicator display when dying.
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