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Friday The 13th The Game common issues, and how to fix them

The launch of the highly anticipated survival-horror game Friday The 13th has brought with it a number of widespread issues, namely related to server connectivity. Being a multiplayer game, Friday The 13th is extremely reliable upon functioning internet connectivity, and as such the game is bordering on unplayable due to these issues.

The game is out on PC and console, and it appears as though PC gamers have received the optimised version of the title, with console players seemingly facing the majority of issues.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the issues that appear to be persisting with Friday The 13th players, and offer some tips on how to best address them.

Database Login Failure

This appears to be affecting most players on console. If you’re getting the “Database Login Failure”, this seems to suggest that the platform’s servers are down.

On PC, a common “fix” has been to simply spam the retry button, or completely reboot the game. The developers have commented on this, stating that they can’t confirm whether this actually works, without explicitly saying it won’t.

On console, however, the issue persists regardless of how many times you attempt to boot up.

A recent post on the Friday The 13th forum boards points to an update going live on PS4 and Xbox One soon.

Missing XP

Console players, more so than PC players, are claiming to have lost XP and progress when logging back into the game.

The developers have confirmed that this is a server-side issue and not necessarily a bug, and that once the server issues are addressed, all of your XP, unlockables, progress, and perks will be returned once the servers are optimised and up running.

Wide Server Issues

Server issues continue to plague the game, so the best option at the moment is simply to wait it out, keep an eye on the offical forums, and organise some private matches with friends.

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