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Nintendo Switch sales exceeding Wii sales by 10 percent in US

NOTE: Figures included are specifically for US sales of Switch hardware, not exclusive to GameStop. Article has been updated to clarify.

The world’s largest video game retailer has Nintendo to thank for its first sales increase in five quarters.

GameStop says sales of collectibles and impressive sales of Nintendo Switch drove a “particularly strong” quarter.

Nintendo has said in the past that it sold 2.74 million units worldwide during April, with more than 5.4 million software units sold since the console went on sale in March.

Despite the company reporting a fiscal Q1 revenue and profit increase that went above and beyond analyst expectations, that company’s shares still fell $1.42 or 6 percent to $22.20.

GameStop says “same store sales” rose by 2.3 percent, something helped by the debut and continued success of the Nintendo Switch.

Daniel Ahmad, an analyst with Niko Partners, reported that Switch sales in the US were faster than Wii sales after the same period on the market, a lead of about 10 percent.

“Strong demand out of the gate for Nintendo’s new console. Especially during a non holiday quarter. But will fall behind Wii, aligned,” he said.


These figures are for total US sales, not specifically GameStop sales, Ahmad has told Fenix Bazaar.

GameStop also confirmed that it sold more copies of the Switch version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild than they did actual Switch consoles.

The company moves hardware faster than it can ship it from its warehouse, and the software and accessories attach rate is an impressive 6:1.

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