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Double XP weekend nets Infinite Warfare streamer 2.5 Million XP in a single match

The Double XP weekend is a Call of Duty staple, generally taking place whenever a new update, DLC or game hits. In this case it probably had a lot to do with the recent update, so players were jumping back into Infinite Warfare for a little bit of that boosting bonanza.

Double XP events are fun, no doubt, and highly rewarding, but this story makes for some pretty major overkill.

The latest Double XP weekend in Infinite Warfare allowed players to work towards earning as much as a million XP in a single match, but when combined with Double XP tokens that are gifted randomly during those much-loved (or not) Supply Drops, the XP potential is insane.

When all of the special in-game challenges are met for specific weapons and match objectives, you earn XP, then Double XP for the weekend, then Double XP again because of your nice little Supply Drop bonus.

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Take streamer Fifakill (via Kotaku), who managed to earn a ridiculous 2,554,932 XP … in a single match.

It helped that he was playing Domination, which can actually earn you healthy XP if you play the mode as intended.

The Gold camo challenge was completed for all 28 guns, which netted him around 630,000 XP. Double for the Double XP weekend, and then doubled again, and, well, it’s easy to see where his 2.5 million XP bonus came from.

Before applying his double XP token, he Prestiged — as you do — and then went back to claim the additional million of XP, which saw him quickly level up to 51 (!!!!!).

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Watch the match below, and wait for his reaction at the end.

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