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Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to find El Yeti in the Inca Camina mountains

For weeks, Ghost Recon: Wildlands gamers have been searching for a mysterious, aggressive beast hiding in the mountains.

Many a Wildlands diehard discovered mauled bodies scattered around the Inca Camina mountains, while a “bugged” (or perhaps purposefully installed) in-game menu pointed to a challenge to “kill El Yeti”.

The hunt first initiated back in late April when Ubisoft decided to upload something called the Yeti Hunter cosmetic set. In standard fashion, no other information was given to the community about the task.

This led players to the mountains, where they found the mauled bodies.

The community almost gave up hope after more than a month, before Ubisoft teased players in the most recent update, once again igniting interest in the Yeti.

A few days after the update was launched, some players finally discovered El Yeti, although it’s not quite one we hoped: it turned out to be a sniper called — you guessed it — El Yeti.

How to find El Yeti

You’ll need to head to the Inca Camina province, and then snag yourself a helicopter to take for the ride. You could traverse the mountains by foot, but it’s incredibly tough terrain and it will take you far too long.

Once you’re in the air, head to these coordinates:

  • Latitude: -19.7410
  • Longitude: -66.6622

Land on the river near these coordinates, and while looking up towards the mountain range peak, look to the left and search for a bloodied rock, as seen in the image below (thanks to Carbon Meister on YouTube).

ghost recon wildlands el yeti

Inspect this rock, watch the animation, and then immediately duck behind some rocks. Once the animation stops, El Yeti will appear at the top of some mountains in the distance, and will start shooting at you from a distance.

This is a one-shot kill, so you want to make sure that if you fire back, you do so immediately after El Yeti fires off a shot.

ghost recon wildlands el yeti

Take out El Yeti with some skilled long-range sniping, and then head up to the mountain to inspect the dead body and nab the El Yeti ghillie suit.

And that’s it! There’s a subreddit dedicated to the event, and some people are convinced there’s another Yeti about, as El Yeti being a human doesn’t explain the mauled bodies and large scratches on some rocks and in some caves.

But for the time being, this is the “official” means of taking down Wildlands’ Yeti.

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