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Injustice 2 guide: How to get gear, and increase Epic drops

Injustice 2 adds a number of different gameplay features, and perhaps the most notable new addition is that of different Gear.

Gar added to a particular character can obviously change how they look, but there’s also the potential for stat boosts, so it all stands to be fairly beneficial and a worthwhile thing for you to work towards.

This RPG-like system is broken down by rarity: common, rare, and epic. As I’m sure you can imagine, common is, well, common, while “epic” gear is rarer and stands to have more of an influence on how your character changes. You’ll be able to differentiate between common and epic by checking for a golden icon.

Epic gear generally offers the most significant boost of all other gear in the game, while also offering up some nifty perks.

This is the different type of gear available in Injustice 2:

  • Head/Cape
  • Torso
  • Gauntlets
  • Greaves
  • Accessory

Gear is defined and ranked depending on stats, of which there are four.

  • STR (Strength / Normal attacks)
  • ABL (Ability / Special attacks)
  • DEF (Defense / Damage taken while blocking)
  • HP (Health / How much damage you can take)

Getting your hands on Epic gear is really just a luck of the draw, but you can definitely increase your chances of landing more of that high-tier armor and accessories.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can land Epic gear.

Sheer Luck

I’ve personally landed some Epic gear by simply playing the game. You might come across some without completing any particular challenge or story mission.

Mother Boxes

Bronze, Silver, and Gold: These are the most common loot box you’ll come across, and they can either be earned through the game, or purchased with Credits.

There’s a small chance of landing epic gear with these loot boxes, with Gold having a higher chance than Bronze.

Platinum and Diamond Mother Boxes: You’ll need to complete challenges and battle as part of a Guild in order to get these loot boxes. You have a 100% chance of landing an Epic piece of gear in these loot boxes.

injustice 2 how to clash

Story Mode

As is the case with Source Crystals, you’ll earn special gear, and in some cases Epic gear, by simply creating missions in the main single-player story mode.


The Multiverse is a fantastic new addition to Injustice 2. It is a single-player area, not unlike Mortal Kombat X‘s living towers. There are multiple planets with different challenges, each offering between one and three different objectives.

Each objective will expire after a set time, and there’s a great UI to track your progress. Completing these will occasionally land you additional source crystals, but you’ll definitely get some Epic gear for your trouble.



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