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Injustice 2: How to unlock Cyborg’s Premier Grid skin

Injustice 2 has launched on Xbox One and PS4, with the game’s launch roster of 29 characters offering plenty of depth and value for early adopters of the fighting game.

The entire roster has access to premium skins, most of which can be unlocked simply by playing the game, but one is locked behind the mobile Injustice 2 offering.

That skin belongs to Cyborg. Here’s how to unlock his premium Grid skin.

Step 1

On your console version of Injustice 2, go to “Extras” in the main menu, and link your copy to your Injustice 2 mobile account. You’ll be given a six-digit code to input on your smartphone.

Step 2

Go to the mobile game, and from the main menu go to “Settings” and then “Console Link”

Step 3

Enter the code you received

Some users are reporting receiving an error message when inputting their code, but it should still link the two account regardless.

Step 4

On your console version, view Cyborg’s skin range. The Grid skin should be available. It’s the only skin in the game available through linking account, whereas all other Premier skins must be purchased using Source Crystals.


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