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Injustice 2 guide: How to clash, and why it’s important

Getting caught up in an enemy’s devastating combo is an inevitable part of the Injustice 2 experience, and any fighting game, really. Thankfully, you’ll be able to initiate something called a “clash” when you’re trapped in an enemy combo, and knowing how to initiate one is an important step towards perfecting your fighting credentials.

When a clash is initiated, players “wager” (in the simplest way) part of their Super Meter. This is done secretly, and neither player can see how much the opponent has wagered.

injustice 2 how to clash

If the player that initiated the clash wages more than the opponent, they will regain health relative to the amount they won the meter by. For example, if they wager 3 meter bars and the opponent wages 1, they will gain health proportionate to two full meter bars.

If the wager is less than the opponent, they will receive damage to relatively the same measured degree, although never down to complete zero.

injustice 2 how to clash

You’ll know that you have initiated a clash when the characters break out into a brief dialogue. Clash’s are important, because even if you lose one, you stand to still come away fighting, because your health can never be fully reduced to zero. Ideally you want to walk away winning the clash, as this will effectively turn the opponent’s combo against them by boosting your health.

How to Clash

You won’t be able to initiate a clash at every opportunity. It’s actually designed to help struggling players fight their way back into a fight, kind of like a “last stand”.

There are two primary requirements that need to be met before a clash can be initiated:

  1. You need to be in your second, red health bar. This means you can’t initiate a clash in the early stages of a match.
  2. The clash must coincide with being hit by the opponent. Blocking will effectively cancel out the chances of initiating a clash.

Once you’re in the “clash zone”, hold R2 / RT, and press “Forward”. This should initiate the clash. If it doesn’t, you were either blocking the hit, or you’re not yet in the minimum health threshold to be able to initiate it.

injustice 2 how to clash

Once the clash initiates — you’ll know when it does because the combo will end and the opponents will “clash” — you’ll need to select a wager.

How to Wager

Each meter bar will have a button input above it:

  • Square / X = 1 bar
  • Triangle / Y = 2 bars
  • X / A = 3 bars
  • Circle / B = 4 bars

You won’t be able to actually wager more super meter than you have, so if you have 1 full bar, that’s the maximum you’ll be able to wager.

And that’s it. The video below shows all of the wages in Injustice 2.



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