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Don’t expect a Halo 3 anniversary or Halo 6 at E3

Halo developer 343 Industries is working on something a little different, and it plans to lift the lid on its new project at E3 2017 next month in Los Angeles.

Just don’t expect that project to be Halo 6, and especially not a Halo 3 remaster. 343 really wants us to stop asking about that.

Xbox head, Phil Spencer, first said back in March that Halo 6 wasn’t on the agenda for a showing at E3 2017, so at least we can go into the show not expecting anything in that regard.

Fans have still been clamouring for information, however, and 343 community manager, Brian Jarrard, had to put the dreams to bed about Halo 6 being shown at E3.

“We’ve said this already but we’ll have a little something at E3 but it’s not related to the next major entry in the franchise,” he said on Reddit.

He stayed in “dreamcrusher” mode, as he called it, when a fan asked about Halo 3 remastered.

Halo: Combat Evolved got the remaster treatment for its tenth anniversary, while Halo 2 also got a do-over for The Master Chief Collection.

Unfortunately, Halo 3 doesn’t appear destined to get the same love from Microsoft or 343.

“OMG stop. There is no Halo 3 Anniversary,” he said.

In the words of Jerry Seinfeld: Ahh, that’s a shame.

It might be that 343 isn’t keen on using resources on older games, and is instead looking to expand its repertoire by helping Xbox enhance its games library.

While Halo 6 would certainly stand to be the perfect game to launch alongside Xbox Scorpio, 343 could yet be looking at different projects.

After the debacle that was The Master Chief Collection‘s launch — with some issues still persisting — it’s no surprise that the studio doesn’t appear interested in returning to Halo 3, which, coincidentally, turns 10 this year.

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