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Overwatch input lag fix: Don’t worry, the problem isn’t you

If you’re a normal human being like the rest of us and you’ve missed your fair share of unmissable headshots in Overwatch, don’t worry: there’s a good chance that it was lag and that you’re not a scrub.

Turns out there’s an input lag issue on the PC version of Overwatch that is affecting particular displays.

Importantly, it’s making it tougher for McCree and Widowmaker mains to hit headshots, with a high response time leading to players aiming at opponents that have since moved from the initial spot.

The difference is milliseconds, but that’s all it takes for an opponent to move and break the line of sight that establishes a headshot.

Thankfully, a crafty Redditor has found a way to address the as yet not officially addressed issue. Redditor /u/RJLPDash came across the issue recently, and upon finding this almost year-old thread on Reddit (via PVP Live), set out on finding a solution. It must be relieving to discover that it really is lag that is making you suck it up during matches.

Using a number of technical changes to address the issue, they’ve managed to reduce response times by that all-important millisecond time. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s rather significant when you consider how quickly some heroes can dash through a map.

A few Overwatch players have chimed in, and there are a number of solutions to help you address input lag on your PC. You’ll need to check out your graphic card’s control panel, and then make some changes to the settings to hopefully get rid of that pesky input lag.

  • Triple Buffering: OFF
  • V-Sync: OFF
  • Framerate: Consistent
  • Reduced Buffering: ON

The general consensus is that if these don’t address your issue, it’s time to upgrade your graphics card.

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