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Modern Warfare Remastered’s new weapons ignite fierce debate among Call of Duty community

Modern Warfare Remastered has proven to be a fantastic remaster of the 2007 classic, with an active community and frequent updates keeping the experience feeling fresh yet familiar. However, recent additions to the game that weren’t in the original have ignited fierce debate among the Modern Warfare community, with some wanting the game to be as close to the original as possible, while others are praising the game’s new additions for offering a modern taken on a decade-old classic.

Update 1.11 for both the PS4 and Xbox One added some new assault rifles, a submachine gun, and a burst-fire pistol. While at first the additions looked great, the general response from the community was mixed, and Infinity Ward appears set on refining Modern Warfare Remastered to bring it more in line with modern Call of Duty entries (discounting Call of Duty: WWII, of course).

Scanning the Modern Warfare Remastered subreddit unveils a divided community that doesn’t quite know where to sit with this. One frustrated fan pointed out that such an update could pave the way for new killstreaks being added that weren’t in the original, but some replies were positive and open to that idea.

Activision and Infinity Ward are obviously keen to get fans involved in the new update, as Infinite Warfare numbers drop off and the Modern Warfare Remastered community appears to be increasingly popular.

Developer Raven Software is this week hosting a Modern Warfare Remastered event, rewarding players with double Depot Credit and double XP, running until May 8 (May 9, Australia time).

What is most interesting about this event is that it’s the first time we’ve actually gotten a Double Depot Credit event, so it’s hard to ignore the obvious coincidence of it launching just as the game’s most controversial update lands.

Depot Credit is an in-game currency used to open Supply Drops. This credit can be purchased with real money, or earned organically by playing the game.

It may be your best opportunity to see how the new weapons balance out within the Modern Warfare Remastered experience next to the way weapons from the original play out. This author likes the new additions — although I hate paying for them — and actually wouldn’t mind new maps and killstreaks, although it’s easy to see why someone might be frustrated by the additions.

What are your thoughts? Do you like seeing fresh content being added to Modern Warfare Remastered, or would you rather it stay the same as the original? Sound off below?


Tuesday 9th of May 2017

Though I'm definitely in the camp of "keep it unchanged" there may be some that will like the new weapon additions, the simple solution would be to have servers for both camps.

Master Fenix

Wednesday 10th of May 2017

Been playing it. I still suck at it, big time, but I'm open to new stuff. If they're not going to make MW2 and MW3 backwards compatible anytime soon, then I'd like to see MWR be supported in the long term.

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