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Prey Neuromod and Abilities guide: The basics to get you started

Prey‘s fascinating sci-fi world is filled with unique weapons, terrifying creatures, and special human modifying abilities that aim to level the ledger. The Talos I in Prey has invented the Neuromod, which allows humans to enhance their skills and abilities beyond known capabilities.

Neuromods are extremely rare, and shouldn’t be used lightly. They are used to help upgrade your abilities, and while they aren’t a complete necessity — and you’ll earn a special Achievement if you don’t install any — it’s important that you activate the right ones at the right time, relative to your own playstyle.

So let’s take a look at Neuromods and abilities in Prey, starting off with some of the achievements and trophies available.

Know Thy Self

  • Acquire A Human Ability
  • 10/Bronze

Know Thine Enemy

  • Acquire a Typhon power
  • 10/Bronze

No Needles

  • Complete the game without acquiring either a Typhon or human ability
  • 90/Gold

Split Affinity

  • Complete the game having acquired only Typhon powers, and a second time acquiring only human abilities
  • 90/Gold

Human abilities in Prey are unlocked from the moment you acquire your very first Neuromod. Bring up the TranScribe (Y/Triangle) to see the abilities across the following skill trees: Scientist, Engineer, and Security.

Some abilities will be available right from the start, while others will require you have met certain prerequisites before being able to unlock them.

As for Typhon abilities, that’s where the action gets very interesting. You’ll need to first obtain the Psychoscope in Psychotronics before you can use these abilities. You’ll need to scan Typhons to actually be able to add certain abilities to the skill tree. Stay tuned and check out our Prey wiki for an updated guide on Typhon abilities.

Let’s take a look at achievements for Human and Typhon abilities.

Human Ability Achievements


  • Repair at least 20 objects
  • 15/Bronze

Dead Calm

  • Kill an enemy using Combat Focus
  • 15/Bronze


  • Hack at least 20 hackable objects
  • 15/Bronze

Typhon Ability Achievements

A Different Side of Yu

  • Scan the Phantom Shift duplicate with the Psychoscope
  • 15/Bronze

Ball Lightning

  • Use Electrostatic Burst to drop two Operators at once
  • 15/Bronze


  • Use Mindjack to free a mind-controlled human
  • 15/Bronze

Escape Velocity

  • Blast an object from at least 20 meters away
  • 15/Bronze

It’s Alive

  • Create a Phantom using Phantom Genesis
  • 15/Bronze


  • Mimic a Mimic
  • 15/Bronze


  • Mimic 20 or more unique objects
  • 15/Bronze

Tee One Up

  • Kill an enemy while they are Lifted
  • 15/Bronze

Thoughts Can Kill

  • Kill a human use Psychoshock
  • 15/Bronze


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