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Prey guide: How to hack safes, keypads, and workstations

So you’ve dived into Arkane Studios’ latest, and your testing the waters aboard the Talos I, battling those pesky Typhons, and trying out new abilities and weapons. Perhaps one of the trickiest and time consuming parts of the Prey experience is finding codes, passwords, and keycards to various important locations scattered throughout the game world.

As you travel through Talos I, you’ll come across a whole stack of locked doors and computer terminals. Sometimes you’ll have all of the codes, while other times you’ll miss them completely and find yourself trekking back through various areas.

Thankfully, you can easily hack your way through doors and computer terminals, but it’ll take a little bit of investment on your account.

Firstly, you’ll need to purchase Neuromods, which will give you the capacity to unlock and hack items. Secondly, you’ll need to upgrade this specific ability in order to really take advantage of the hacking ability. You could just use the first level of the hacking ability, but that won’t get you far beyond the half-way point.

So how do you hack in Prey, and what exactly does the ability offer? Let’s take a look.

Hacking I

The first level of the Hacking ability allows you to bypass level 1 security measures on all computer and robotic systems. It’s your starting point, and will get you through low-level stuff.

Neuromods: 1

Requirement: N/A


Hacking II

The second level of the Hacking ability allows you to bypass level 2 security measures on all computer and robotic systems. You will be able to access devices with tighter security, including email passwords and codes. This will also allow you to hack turrets, which is especially useful if you have more than one Typhon ability installed and the turrets are turning on you.

Neuromods: 4

Requirement: Hacking I


Hacking III

The third level of the Hacking ability allows you to bypass level 3 security measures on all computer and robotic systems. Most keypads, workstations and safes on Talos I can be hacked with this ability.

Neuromods: 6

Requirement: Hacking II


Hacking IV

The fourth level of the Hacking ability allows you to bypass level 4 security measures on all computer and robotic systems. This probably isn’t necessary until you’re very late in the game, and you have either missed an important item, or simply don’t have the energy to be looking around for cracks, codes and passes. Level 4 safes have plenty of valuables, though, and it can also help to hack enemy military operations.

Neuromods: 8

Requirement: Hacking III

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