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Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies and standalone co-op confirmed

Christmas has come early for Call of Duty fans, with the reveal of Call of Duty: WWII lifting the lid off Sledgehammer’s exciting new entry. We now have our first details about the game’s Nazi Zombies co-op mode, and while it’s fairly light on information, the accompanying image is enough to get us excited.

Call of Duty: WWII‘s Nazi Zombies mode promises to offer a “unique take” on what has long been a Call of Duty staple, dating back to Treyarch’s last WW2 effort in World at War.

“The definitive World War II next generation experience also introduces Nazi Zombies, an all-new cooperative mode featuring a unique standalone storyline set during World War II that’s full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping action,” Activision said in a statement.

The Sledgehammer team was silent on the details of the mode, simply revealing the above image and saying more will be revealed at E3 and beyond.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how exactly this “unique take” is shaped for Call of Duty fans.

There’s also word of a seperate standalone co-op experience in Call of Duty: WWII. It certainly wouldn’t be the only time a Call of Duty game has had a standalone co-op experience: the Modern Warfare series had the Spec Ops co-op modes, while Modern Warfare 3 had a seperate survival mode, not all that unlike what we’ve come to expect from Zombies.

This is the leaked synopsis from earlier this month:

“Call of Duty: WWII’s co-operative mode unleashes a new and original story. Play with your friends in this next-level standalone game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments.”

The co-op zombies mode and any additional standalone co-op mode will accompany the broader multiplayer experience. Here are the Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer modes and features we know about so far.

War Game

This mode sounds similar to Battlefield 1‘s Operations mode. It’s narrative driven, and will have players take part in historical battles as either the Axis or the Allies.


Headquarters is a “robust social space”, in which players will be able to rally and interact with other players. You can probably expect this to be similar to Destiny‘s Tower. Headquarters is said to offer “interaction, recognition and awards unlike anything experienced in the franchise to date.”

We should probably also expect traditional multiplayer games such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and the Call of Duty favourite, Search and Destroy.

The reveal didn’t detail much else about multiplayer outside of the above, but E3 stands to be the big reveal for the game’s competitive component.

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