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Is Shinji Mikami’s cult classic Vanquish set for a PC release?

One of the more fascinating shooters from last generation in Vanquish could finally be getting its long-awaited PC release.

PlatinumGames’ cult classic is widely regarded as one of the craziest, fastest, and most intense shooters to have ever been released.

vanquish pc

While its story falls flat due to poor writing and unlikeable characters, it’s hard not to fall in love with the pure insanity of the game’s core mechanics and gameplay features.

That it might get a PC release should come as no surprise, as Bayonetta‘s release on the platform has pleased fans of the genre, having cried out for 60 FPS hack-and-slash offerings from Platinum.

vanquish pc

The hype meter has gone into overdrive now, with a new update to the Bayonetta Steam client pointing to Vanquish‘s release for PC.

Hidden within the 32kb update’s files is an image from Vanquish. Shinji Mikami‘s third-person shooter is distinguishable from other games, so there’s no doubting that Platinum is teasing fans here.

The avatar, found within the avatar folder for Bayonetta, is of Vanquish protagonist Sam Gideon in his Augmented Reaction Suit.

It might seem like nothing, but it’s worth noting that it’s the only non-Bayonetta avatar included in the files.

The game’s publisher, SEGA, is certainly no stranger when it comes to teasing fans, and it did something similar ahead of Bayonetta‘s PC release.

vanquish pc

Last month it sneakily released a playable 8-bit version of Bayonetta on Steam, which included a link to a countdown clock for the full game’s release on PC in early April.

There’s no official word out of SEGA HQ about Vanquish‘s launch on PC, but given the company’s history we can probably rest easy that it’ll eventually hit Steam in the near future.

vanquish pc

It’s been seven years since the game’s launch on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with the game having launched back in October 2010.

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