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Yookla-Laylee Collectibles Guide – Glitterglaze Glacier

Yooka-Laylee includes a lot of collectibles to find. From golden pages, to cheeky coloured ghosts; the game harkens back to the simpler days of 3D platformers from the 1990s.

Glitterglaze Glacier is Yooka-Laylee’s second world you’ll unlock and features a host of bouncing, joyful items for you to find.

By following this handy guide you’ll have no issue finding every single one of them.

Slurp State

Lizard Leap

Glitterglaze Glacier

Number of Pagies needed to open: 3

Number of Pagies needed to expand: 5

Pagie #1

yooka laylee collectibles

From the starting gate, move forward over the freezing body of water (use your new gliding ability) and follow the path around to your right. Continue along the wooden platforms until you come to a big giant opening to your right.

Jump down to the Cagie and activate the switch. This will trigger a short obstacle course where you need to jump through a series of red and white hoops before the timer runs out. Complete this challenge to earn the Pagie.

Pagie #2

yooka laylee collectibles

After collecting Pagie #1, head back up and through the opening you skipped past earlier.

Once inside, follow the path until you see a Cagie. Solve the crystal puzzle using Sonar Shot – tip, watch the short demonstration – to open it and collect your Pagie.

Pagie #3

yooka laylee collectibles

Following the same path you take to reach the Red Ghost Writer, continue on past its platform to the top of the cavern. Once you light the last pot a Pagie will be revealed.

Pagie #4

yooka laylee collectibles

After collecting Pagie #3 continue moving forward from the cavern until you see an igloo village. Head over to the left to find the Skeleton Explorer from Tribalstack Tropics and speak with her. She’ll task you with defeating the enemies in the below village, as well as their igloo homes.

Once you’ve completed her task, she’ll hand over the next Pagie.

Pagie #5

yooka laylee collectibles

While in the area with the igloo village, head towards the large opening in the side of the mountain and go through it. You’ll now be in a large area with a lake to your right. Follow the path down and to the right until you spot a wooden platform extending up. Follow that until you reach a Cagie.

Speak with Planker, the signpost standing to the right of the Cagie, who’ll task you with completing Capital B’s new sculpture of himself. Do this by following the path forward and to the right, going past the stack of breakable blocks. Navigate the floating platforms and follow the path up and around the tower to reveal a grenade flower. Suck up a bud to get the power to shoot bombs and return the to stack of blocks.

Once you’ve broken all the blocks and revealed the Capital B sculpture, Planker will hand over the Pagie.

Pagie #6

yooka laylee collectibles

On from where you collect the Blue Ghost Writer, you’ll spot a ledge nestled inside the side of a cliff. Head over there and you’ll Kartos on the far side. Speak to him and complete his challenge to earn yourself his Pagie.

Pagie #7

yooka laylee collectibles

Near Kratos is a series of platforms that leads up to a Cagie. To get there, Slurp State on the cannonballs near your cart friend and activate the switch. Make you way up while using Slurp State on the cannonballs and activating the subsequent switches to eventually reach the Pagie.

Pagie #8

Jump into the giant lake near where you find Dr. Puzz and look for the large opening underwater. Head on inside into Gloomy Gem Grotto.

Navigate this treacherous cave using by using Slurp State on the glow worms to eventually reach the Pagie.

Pagie #9

To the right of the giant ramp that leads up to the entrance to Icymetric Palace you’ll spot a small cave with some Mr Blowys and moving platforms. On the far side there’s also a Cagie. To unlock it, simply make your way across the four platforms.

Note that each platform stops moving when you stand on the one before it (i.e three stops when you’re standing on four, etc.). Use this to your advantage and time you jumps.

Pagie #10

Only accessible after purchasing the flying ability

While standing at the entrance to Icymetric Palace (the tall tower in the middle of the lake), look out towards the igloo village and you’ll spot a far-off Cagie on a ledge. Fly over to it and activate the switch. This triggers a hoop challenge where you’ll need to fly through the world while moving through all the red and white hoops.

Completing this challenge unlocks the Cagie, allowing you to grab the Pagie

Pagie #11

After finding this world’s Mollycool, take it to Dr. Puzz who’s located in the open area near where you meet Planker. Speak with her and she’ll transform you into a Snow Plough.

Now, move towards the large opening you can spot just ahead of you, which will take you back into Crystalline Cave. Once inside, follow the path until you spot a large clump of snow. Clear it and you’ll uncover the first snowman hat underneath. He’s located near the igloo village on the far side.

Continue on past the crystal puzzle (Pagie #2) and back into the area where you found Pagie #1 and Trowzer. Head back down the path and you’ll spot another clump of snow to your left. Dash and remove it to reveal a second hat. This hat belongs to the Snowman located in the small cave where you find the Green Ghost Writer.

You’ll find the next hat in the igloo village. Plough down the clump of snow located to the left of the wooden bridge to reveal it. Give it to the snowman located in Crystalline Cave.

In the area where Dr. Puzz is, move towards the giant lake until you spot an icy slope heading upwards. Follow it up until you reach a point where you won’t be able to continue on while in your transformation. Spin around and you’ll spot another clump of snow. Jump over to it and collect the next hat. Now drop down into the water and swim around towards the wall until you spot a Snowman on a circular platform. Climb on up and give him the pirate hat.

The next hat is inside a clump of snow located near far right tower, right next to the Capital B sculpture. The snowman it belongs to is located in the freezing ice cavern accessible via the igloo village.

The following Pagies can only be found after Expanding Glitterglaze Glacier

Pagie #12

After expanding the world, head to where you meet Trowzer and jump into the giant lake. Head towards the central pillar where earlier you saw a giant lock, which you can now remove by activating the ice key. Once the lock’s removed, head on into the opening to Icymetric Palace.

Ride the water to the top and move to the right side where you’ll find two wooden platforms and a switch. Activate it and a series of Sonar Totems will appear. Use Sonar Shot on them before the timer runs out to reveal an exit from this room.

Head through the exit and swim up out of the water to reach your Pagie.

Pagie #13

After expanding the world, head to the area where you meet Dr. Puzz and look for the tree with the beehive. Use Slurp State on it and you’ll gain the ability to move over ice (it makes you sticky so you don’t slide all too much) then head on up the giant ice ramp.

Once you reach the wall with the insert cut out the middle, jump up onto it and turn around; you’ll see a small platform with another tree and beehive. Lick up the beehive and move on up the ramp until you spot a third beehive, allowing you to reach the top where another ice key waits to be activated.

After activating the ice key you’ll gain entrance to the Icymetric Palace. Once inside, head right into a room with a moving platform and a narrow corridor with spikes hanging overhead. Quickly move through the corridor while avoiding the spikes and head through the door to the right.

You’ll find yourself in a room with large stone walls with spikes all coming from the same direction. Avoid them using Lizard Leap and make your way to their point of origin where a Pagie is waiting for you.

Pagie #14

From the main entrance to the Icymetric Palace – accessible from the top of the tower – head through the door to the right, then through the room with the overhead spikes, then through the door to the left.

You’ll find Rextro in this room, with the Play Coin hidden in a small room accessible via a small entrance in the back behind some barrels.

Once you have the Play Coin in-hand, speak with Rextro to play his arcade game and earn his Pagie.

Pagie #15

Simply play Rextro’s arcade game a second time and beat the high score to earn another Pagie.

Pagie #16

From Icymetric Palace’s main entrance, head through the door to the right then jump onto the platform you see moving up and down. Go through the door and into the room with the switch and raised platforms. Activate the switch and lap around through the red and white hoops three times to reveal a chest.

Break the chest and use Slurp Shot on the grenade flower to bust open the nearby block, then head through the door.

Once in the next room, jump down from the ledge and head past the fire onto a platform on the opposing side to be raised up. Grab the water flower and jump back down to the fire; put it out, grab the fire flower and melt the ice to reveal a switch.

Activate the switch and a gate will open. Now, using the water flower leap between the platforms while putting out the fires until you reach the far side of the room and enter the door.

Here you’ll find Burnie, who will tell you about his inability to warm up the palace. Enter his mouth after speaking with him to face off against Glitterglaze Glacier’s boss, Bbbreze Blok.

Defeating him is fairly easy, if not time-consuming. Simply use the nearby fire flower to slowly whittle him down while avoiding the projectiles he occasionally shoots out. Once defeated, he’ll hand over a Pagie.

Pagie #17

In the room where you find Burnie, use the steam vent to be lifted up to the ledge where a Pagie awaits.

Pagie #18

In the room where you fight Bbbreze Blok you’ll find a small ramp in the back leading up to a new. Head on through and you’ll come to a room with giant spinning turbines and a Pagie on the far side. Make your way across and snatch the Pagie for yourself.

Pagie #19

From Icymetric Palace’s main entrance, head through the door to the left, then move immediately to the door to your right. Jump over the platforms while avoiding the Mr Blowys and go on to the next room. Climb the steps and activate the Sonar Totem. A series of enemy targets will appear and a countdown timer begin. Shoot all the targets within the timelimit to reveal the way forward.

Go through the door and grab the glow worms, then head to the far side of the room where you’ll find a Pagie inside a Cagie. Speak to it and answer three questions correctly in a row. The questions all relate to the room itself and can generally be guessed quite easily.

Answer three questions correctly and the Cagie will open to reveal the next Pagie.

Pagie #20

From Icymetric Palace’s main entrance, head through the door to the left and then through the one immediately in front of you. You’ll then come to a room with a Pagie trapped inside an ice block. Ignore it for now and move on to the next room.

Grab the ice flower, leap onto the platform and activate the ice switch. The platform will begin moving. Remain on it for the length of this section, taking care to avoid the dangers and using Slurp State and Slurp Shot on the flowers you see along the way.

Once you reach the end you’ll find the Pagie waiting for you.

Pagie #21

Only accessible after unlocking the Invisibility ability

After collecting Pagie #18, head on through the door opened by hitting the nearby switch. You’ll then come to a room with a rotating platform in the middle of a small lake with a switch, box of cannons, and a fire flower and water flower.

Activate the switch and a countdown timer will be begin. Move through each of the red and white hoops as they appear, while using the cannons, and fire and water flowers, before the time runs out to. Complete this twice to reveal the way forward.

You’ll then come to a room with three doors. This whole next section is like the Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time, as you need to move through the doors in a certain order to progress. Follow this order;

Right; Right; Straight; Left; Straight

Once on the other side you’ll come to a room with a wooden box, some enemies and a Pagie locked inside a Cagie. To open it you’ll need to use the nearby ice cube to reflect light to melt the ice sealing the Cagie shut by using your camouflage (invisibility) ability.

Pagie #22

Only accessible after purchasing the Underwater Bubble ability

After turning on the heat in Icymetric Palace, return through the underwater entrance and head to the room where you found the Pagie. A steam vent will now be activated on the right side of the room. Follow it up and through the opening.

You’ll come to a room filled with wooden barrels and boxes. Break them until you find the grenade flower, then smash open the left wall in the far top corner of the room. Go through the revealed entrance.

In the next room you’ll meet Tubbz, the hot tub. He’ll tell you his bubbles are missing so jump into his water and use your bubble ability to make some bubbles. Once you’ve done that, he’ll open the nearby Cagie so you can grab the Pagie.

Pagie #23

From Icymetric Palace’s main entrance, head through the door to the left and then through the one immediately in front of you. You’ll then come to a room with a Pagie trapped inside an ice block.

This time, ground pound the blue tiles to form a path to the nearby steam vent. Once you’ve done that, push the ice block over to it and the Pagie will be revealed.

Pagie #24

Collect all 200 Quills.

Pagie #25

Collect all 5 of this world’s Ghost Writers

Ghost Writers

Yellow: Use Slurp State on the fire near the ice cavern, where you find the Red Ghost Writer, and follow the path to your left. Climb the platforms and you’ll see a wall of fire. Move through it and drop down. You’ll spot the Yellow Ghost Writer.

Green: Near the igloo village there’s a small wooden bridge that extends over a river. Dive into the water and enter the opening to reach a small cave. The Green Ghost Writer is waiting for you here.

Red: From the starting area, move forward across the body of water with your glide ability and follow the path around the corner to your right. When you see the large lake in front of you, move to the left and follow the path upwards until you see the flaming pot. Use Slurp Shot to make yourself hot, and follow the path immediately to your right.

Make your way through the ice cave, following the path, until you spot the Red Ghost Writer high up on a platform. Dodge its attacks and counterattack three times to collect it.

Blue: From where you meet Trowzer in this world, jump into the water and follow the ledge around to your left. You’ll come to a spot with two platforms protruding from the water and three Quills floating in a single line. You’ll hear the Ghost Writer laughing when underwater in this area. Use Sonar Shot to reveal and collect it.

Purple: Located in a small alcove in the far left tower, near the Capital B sculpture. Use Sonar Slam to break the ice to reveal it. Then grab the grenade flower in the nearby tower, double back and fire them into the Ghost Writer to collect it.


Grab the same grenade flower you used to complete Planker’s challenge (Pagie #5), only this time quickly make your way to the next tower. There’s an alcove blocked by breakable bricks, and once removed will reveal this world’s Mollycool.

Play Coin

Where you meet Rextro in the Icymetric Palace there’s a small path in the back that leads into a room with multiple Play Coins. All but one are fake, and choosing the wrong Play Coin results in you losing a single Butterfly Health.

The correct Play Coin is the one spinning differently to the others, located to the right of the entrance.

Power Extender

From the starting area, move immediately to your left and use Lizard Leap to reach the high platform. Continue along the path and through the opening into Crystalline Cave.

Once inside you’ll see a large slope in front of you with two diverging paths. The Power Extender is on your left. To reach it, move to your right to find a box of cannon balls. Using Slurp State, purchased from Trowzer in this world, take on the state of the cannons (you’ll turn all black) and slide down.

Butterfly Booster

Inside Icymetric Palace’s main entrance. Move immediately to your left to the air vent and jump up to the above ledge. Follow the platforms along until you reach a small alcove. The Butterfly Booster is waiting for you there.

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