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Black Ops 2 is now finally playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility

You asked, and now you shall receive.

After a long, vocal campaign, gamers will finally get their most requested Xbox 360 game on Xbox One thanks to the wonders of backwards compatibility.

black ops 2 xbox one

“As always, we’re continuing to listen to fans and are working with our publishing partners to bring your favorite Xbox 360 titles to our Xbox One catalog so you can continue to enjoy the games you already own at no additional cost,” Xbox said. “We’ll continue to keep the community updated on when new releases are available.”

The Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program has proven to be one of the console’s most appealing aspects. It’s also one of the most talked about, with an official voting platform in place to help Microsoft determine the most in-demand Xbox 360 titles for the service.

black ops 2 xbox one

There was one game with a clear lead in the voting: Black Ops 2. While the likes of Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption have both made their way to Xbox One after a lengthy campaign by gamers, Treyarch’s 2012 gem still stood as the pillar of what kept gamers glued to every BC update out of Xbox HQ.

Back in January, the game creeped over the 200,000 vote mark. As it finally comes to Xbox One, it sits at 216,000 votes, 40,000 votes ahead of the second most requested game in Skyrim.

The three Modern Warfare games round out the top 5, and so it’s clear that Activision and Microsoft have a lot of work to do in appeasing an active Xbox community clamouring for a return to the franchise’s golden years. Releasing Black Ops 2 to the program is certainly a step in the right direction.

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