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Persona 5 romance guide: Where to find the perfect partner

Persona 5‘s romance system evolves the game’s social system, allowing the protagonist to romance and form intimate relationships with some of the game’s female characters.

There are nine potential women he can romance, and romancing just one will unlock a special Trophy.

The romance system is fairly in-depth, and romancing a character will allow you to unlock different intimate scenes, and take the character out on dates. Some dates and scenes form important components of the story, so while not necessary, are pivotal points in the Persona 5 experience.

Ann TakamakiMakoto NiijimaFutaba SakuraHaru Okumura | Tae TakemiSadayo KawakamiHifumi TogoChihaya MifuneIchiko Ohya

Ann Takamaki

persona 5 romance ann

How To Romance Ann: Ann is generally found hanging around the Shibuya Underground Mall. You’ll first have an opportunity to chat on 4/14.

Romancing Ann will demand you advance her Confidant to Rank 9. When the opportunity comes, make sure you hang out with her and improve the Kindness Rank to 2 and above.

Once you reach Rank 9, there will be an option to determine whether the relationship becomes romantic, or stays friendly. When give the option for these two dialogue options, choose the one that best suits. All dialogue before this doesn’t have bearing on reaching this point:

  • “You Have Me” (romance option)
  • “You Have The Others” (friendship option)

Once you choose the romance option, you’ll have established Ann as a girlfriend.

Makoto Niijima

persona 5 makoto romance

How To Romance Makoto: Makoto’s relationship options will open once you complete the first Palace in the game, called Castle of Lust.

Being a student at Shujin Academy and student body president, you’ll find her in the library on the third floor on a school day. You’ll need to level up her Confidant (Priestess) to Rank 9 before you can romance her.

Firstly, speak to the man outside the bookstore in Shinjuku a couple of time. Chat with Makoto after this, and select the study option dialogue when it appears.

  • “I’ll be your study partner”

Once you do and the romance thread opens, select the “I do” dialogue option (as opposed to “That’s not what I meant”) to initiate a romantic relationship.

Initiating the relationship will help Makoto reach Rank 9, which will grant her the Protect ability.

Futaba Sakura

persona 5 romance futaba

How To Romance Futaba: You’ll find Futaba hanging around the Hermit Arcana, and she can first be met on 8/31.

You’ll need a Kindness rank of at least 4 in order to establish a romantic relationship with her. Hang out with her as often as possible, and whenever she invites you, make sure you take up the offer. Generally you’ll hang out around the Cafe Leblanc area.

Once Rank 7 is achieved, complete the request “Daughter’s Just a Meal Ticket”. Once you do, you’ll be given the option to reach Rank 9 and romance Futaba.

When the option presents itself, select “Because I love”, as opposed to “Because we’re teammates”, which leads to friendship.

Haru Okumura

persona 5 romance haru

How To Romance Haru: Haru will actually join your team automatically as you progress through the main store.

Establish her social link, and then head to the school rooftop during a school day to find her. You’ll need at least Rank 7 Confidant to establish a romantic relationship with her.

Always accept her advances and request to hang out, and when the option presents itself, always choose the intimate option.

Tae Takemi

persona 5 romance tae

How To Romance Tae: You’ll meet Dr Tae Takemi shortly after arriving at Yongen-Jaya. She’ll be in the Cafe Leblanc. It’s here you’ll discover she has a clinic.

If you approach her at this moment, she’ll invite you to take part in a clinical study.

Establishing her as a Confidant will kick off the Death Arcana, and you’ll need a Guts rank 2 in order to get intimate. If you hit a brick wall at Rank 8, you’ll need to advance past Charm Rank 4 before progressing.

Talk to her often in order to advance the relationship. Reaching Charm Rank 8 unlocks the “Bad Medicine” request.

Complete it, and once you hit Rank 9, you’ll have to select three distinct romantic dialogue options. Select one friendship options will lock off the intimate relationship.

  • “I wanted to see you.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “It isn’t a joke.”

Sadayo Kawakami

persona 5 sadayo

How To Romance Sadayo: Sadayo is one of the more interesting relationship options. She presents as a tough teacher early on, but eventually you find out she doubles as a maid.

She’ll ask that you keep her second life secret, and will provide you with her number at school when you raise the alarm of another teacher being potential suspicious.

You’ll need to work on Guts in order to call her. Once you make the first call, talk to her often to improve the relationship. Once you reach Rank 8 with this Confidant, she’ll start a request called “A Teacher Maid To Suffer”.

Complete it to reach Rank 9. Answer three questions with these responses in order to establish a romantic relationship.

  • “I want to keep seeing you.”
  • “I mean what I say.”
  • “I’m a man; you’re a woman.”

Hifumi Togo

persona 5 romance hifumi

How To Romance Hifumi: Hifumo is first presented on 26/6 as the Star Arcana. She has a fantastic granting ability, allowing you to swap between team members during battle.

You’ll need a charm rank of at least Rank 3 before you can establish a social link. Boost your Knowledge up to Rank 5 before being able to romance her. Use our Exam answers guide for help with that.

When the request “Upstaging the Stage Mother” is available, complete and then talk to her again to reach Rank 9. Answer the questions with the following responses to romance her:

  • “I want to stay by your side.”
  • “I want us to date”

Chihaya Mifune

persona 5 romance chihaya

How To Romance Chihaya: Chihaya represents the Fortune Arcana, and comes at a hefty price to romance.

Visit her fortune-telling location in Shinjuku, only at night and when it’s not raining. Spend 100,000 yen on her and buy a stone. Return, and accept the “Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse” request. Once complete, return again and work towards Rank 2 and 3, and you’ll need to select certain responses to stay on the romantic route. When the opportunity comes up, select these responses:

Rank 2 

  • Response 1: Encourage her.”
  • Response 2: “Overturn your fate.”

Rank 3 

  • Response 1: “Follow his heart.”
  • Response 2: “Thieves may steal her away.”

Hang out with her as much as possible at this point. Once ay Rank 7 she’ll make a request called “Debunking the Psychic.” Complete it to reach Rank 8. Hang out with her some more, and when the dialogue option presents itself, select it to reach Rank 9 and romance her:

  • “So I can be with you”

Ichiko Ohya

persona 5 ichiko

How To Romance Ichiko: Ichiko is first met in the second Palace, towards the time deadline. As a reporter, she’ll be digging around for information about Madarame.

You won’t gain her as a confidant until 6/22, however, and you’ll find her in the Crossroads bar in Shinjuku.

Once you form the social link, hang out with her as often as possible. The Devil Arcana will gain ranks the more you hang out with her, and in Rank 7 you’ll get a request called “Fighting for Truth in Journalism”. Complete it, reach Rank 8, and then select these dialogue options to reach Rank 9 and unlock the dialogue option:

  • “I took it seriously.”
  • “I love you, Ichiko.”

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