Persona 5 guide: How to get the true ending Persona 5 guide: How to get the true ending
Persona 5 is now available for Western gamers, and, as is the case with every Persona game with it, it has multiple endings. Here's... Persona 5 guide: How to get the true ending

Persona 5 is now available for Western gamers, and, as is the case with every Persona game before it, it has multiple endings.

The reviews are fairly universal in that Persona 5 is one of the year’s best games so far, even if it has seen the franchise veer down a more accessible and simplistic path. Even so, it has multiple endings, and reaching the coveted “true” ending takes some specific skill and decision making.

Persona 5 has four endings: one true — which is ultimately the one you want to aim for — and three “bad”.

A note before we jump in: THIS ARTICLE DOES HAS SPOILERS. Do NOT read on if you want to avoid spoilers.

Before aiming to achieve the true ending, it’s important to understand and acknowledge what it takes to actually achieve a “bad” ending.

  • Bad ending #1 is achieved by not clearing a Palace by a set deadline.
  • Bad ending #2 is achieved by responding incorrectly during an important conversation late in the game.
  • Bad ending #3 is achieved by making the wrong decision on the day of the final dungeon.
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There’s a few other key points to remember.

  1. Get as far into Mementos as is possible (this is fairly important, and could be a roadblock should you follow all other steps. Ensure you reach the final locked door of Momentos before time runs out, and certainly before the story arch is winding down).
  2. Never sell out your friends
  3. Never make a deal with the enemy

You shouldn’t worry too much about these endings, as they are designed in such a way that ending up with one is reserved for players that explicitly aim to head down that path, in that it’s hard to actually make the wrong decision: why would you play a game like Persona if you’re going to rat out your friends and make a deal with the enemy?

The primary moment that triggers the “true” ending occurs in November.

During the Interrogation on 11/20, you’ll be presented with many different potential responses. The protagonist will be in the interrogation room, and Sae will ask about party members. Do not choose the bottom option. If you choose poorly, the game will warn you.

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These are the correct ones to ensure you are on the path to the true ending:

  • Response 1: Decision doesn’t affect outcome
  • Response 2: Select either A or B
  • Response 3: Select A

In the final dungeon on December 24, there will be a scripted conversation with Igor. This might potentially trigger the bad ending, so choose wisely in this scenario.

You’ll conclude that Igor is a fake, and you can then either accept his deal, or fight him. You’ll need to refuse the deal and fight him to get the good ending.

And that’s it! It’s surprisingly not that tough, and the game actually warns you when there’s the potential for a bad decision.

Persona 5 is out now on PS3 and PS4.

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