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Persona 5 exam answers guide: How to boost your Knowledge stat

There’s no shortage of stuff to do in Persona 5, but few are as important as everyone’s favourite trivial task: high school quiz exams!

School plays an important role in Persona 5, as your performance in class can have a significant affect on how the world and characters react towards you. It will also help boost your Knowledge stat.

Occasionally you’ll need to answer exam questions, and while a majority of the questions are unsurprisingly fairly simple to answer, many will leaving you scrambling Google looking for the answers.

That’s where this guide comes in: don’t worry about doing the research yourself, because all the right answers are here for you: it’s cheating in the 21st century!

If you’re struggling for an answer, check the date in the top left-hand corner of the screen, and then scroll down to the corresponding date found below.

April Exam Answers

4/12: Logic

4/19: C

4/23: Singing

4/27: Four

4/30: Wonder; Kid; A prodigy

May Exam Answers

5/7: Femme Fatale

5/10: Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Midterm Exams

5/11 (Biology): An optical illusion

5/11 (Biology): Visual information; Brain; They have different cognitions

5/12 (History): Magistrate’s Patronage

5/12 (English): The name of a sum of currency

5/13 (Social Studies): Ignorance

5/13 (Math): Four

End of Midterm Exams

5/16: Vincent Van Gogh

5/21: The Silver Ratio

5/23: Together and Senses

5/26: Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar

5/30: William Kidd.

June Exam Answers

6/4: They were brightly colored

6/7: Hermit Crab

6/8: Dreams

6/11: Three Olympic-sized pools

6/13: The government

6/15: It’ll change color.

6/23: Pope Joan

6/27: Heavy rain

6/29: Gold

July Exam Answers

7/1: Baozi

7/4: Someone pretentious said so

7/7: Soumen

7/8: They have the same flavor

7/9: 180 degrees

7/11: Luciferin

7/12: Ishikawa Goemon


7/13 (Japanese): Nouveau Riche

7/13 (History): Gentleman thief; Toyotomi Hideyoshi; He was boiled alive

7/14 (Biology): It’s not related to crabs

7/14 (Social Studies): Television

7/15 (Math): B4-sized paper

7/15 (English): Together and Senses

September Exam Answers

9/3: Nothing

9/6: Chronostasis

9/14: The 19th Century

9/17: A cat

9/21: Czechoslovakia

9/24: It shows up well on TV

9/28: Phantom;  Vibration; Syndrome

9/29: Fishermen of the Nagaragawa

October Exam Answers

10/3: Three watermelons in the sun

10/6: A guillotine

10/11: A

Midterm 2 Exams

10/17 (History): Name of the one who proposed it

10/17 (History): A doctor; It could execute people quickly

10/18 (Math): It has thirty-two faces

10/18 (Japanese): Slave labor

10/19 (English): Phantom Vibration Syndrome

10/19 (Social Studies): The Imperial Household Agency

End of Midterm 2 Exams

10/22: Five

10/24: It’s meaningless

November Exams

11/2: Thieves’ Cant

11/4: The Holy Grail

11/8: Zero

11/10: An eye

11/12: It’s heavily processed

11/15: They put makeup on him

11/17: B

11/18: The summit of Mt. Fuji

End of Year Finals

12/20 (Math): D

12/20 (Biology): Not their real voice; They speak the same; Supplement the voice

12/21 (English): Hearts

12/21 (Japanese): It includes a number

12/22 (Social Studies): Japan

12/22 (History): Dreadnought

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