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Desperate Nintendo fan builds own Switch as shortages continue

Have you ever been so desperate for a particular game that you try to find ways to compensate using other things you already own?

We’ve all done it at one point or another: while waiting for Grand Theft Auto V, I played Saints Row. Yes, I was that desperate.


One 5th grader in Japan, however, has shown us how it’s done, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more desperate gamer on the planet.

The Switch is currently in the midst of a shortage, and while it’s not that tough to get your hands on one, unless you’re centrally located and have multiple options available to you, it can be tough.


This kid hasn’t been able to find a unit amidst the console’s record-record streak in Japan, so he’s resorted to doing the next best thing: creating his own.

So, it’s not a direct replica, and it’s not playing Breath Of The Wild anytime soon, but the kid’s engineering skills are on point. Check out his creation below.

His sister posted the video, and based on a rough translation of her caption, he seems destined to become a game designer some day, or perhaps a hardware architect

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