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Bioware to reveal ‘immediate plans’ for Mass Effect: Andromeda next week

After five long years in development, Mass Effect: Andromeda was finally released unto the masses.

Unfortunately, the game’s launch was not without its fair share of problems: bugs, glitches and animation issues have been the main cause for concern, while the game’s story, dialogue and gay romance options have also been a hot point of criticism from the gaming community.

mass effect andromeda interview
While Andromeda received a mostly positive reception from critics upon release, much of the media coverage has been centred on the game’s issues, more so than some of the things it does well, like combat and character skills.

Nonetheless, Bioware is well aware of everything that isn’t quite right with the game, and it’s working hard to promptly address the gaming community’s more pressing concerns.

mass effect andromeda interview

In a statement released today, the studio said it had received a lot of feedback, and that it planned to reveal its “immediate plans” for the game on April 4.

That may include the game’s inevitabl DLC, but they’re almost certain to detail gameplay and technical fixes considering the tone and nature of the statement, which you can read below.

mass effect andromeda interview

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