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Mass Effect Andromeda New Game Plus: Here’s what carries over

The value on offer in Mass Effect: Andromeda is rather astounding, and it’s multiplied when you finish the game and unlock New Game+.

With the game having finally dropped after a long five years in development, the gaming world seems divided. Fenix Bazaar gave the game an 8/10, saying it recovers from a slow start to offer a fun, if inconsistent performance.

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Regardless of your thoughts on the game, there’s no doubting the scope and size on offer: it’s undoubtedly the year’s biggest game thus far. New Game+ just adds to that.

So, how do you unlock Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s New Game+, what does it offer, and what carries over? Let’s take a look.

How To Unlock New Game Plus

Firstly, you need to complete all of the Priority Ops in the mission chain. You can keep track of the Priority Ops and the missions you’ve completed by checking out your “Journal” via the pause menu.

Once you complete the Priority Ops line, the game should offer a “New Game+” option in the main menu when you select “New Game”. You need to make sure you have a game save with the completed Priority Ops.


When you start New Game+, you’ll start a completely new game, but all of your stats from the first playthrough will be carried over, right from the start in the Character Customisation screen.

You’ll be able to make some alterations to your character’s physical appearance, including switching between the Ryder siblings, and changing the appearance of the character.

New Game Plus Changes

Here’s what carries over when you start New Game+ in Mass Effect: Andromeda:

  • Levels and all Skill Points
  • Powers
  • Any non-mission items you have attained, excluding any attained during special quests
  • All Research Data
  • Credits

Here’s what is reset:

  • Special mission items
  • All mission progression
  • All narrative choices
  • All Cryo Pod Perks
  • Codex Entries

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