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Mass Effect Andromeda resources guide: Where to find Element Zero and other rare materials

Mass Effect: Andromeda has an intricate and deep crafting system. You’ll be able to craft weapons, armor, and augmentations, making for a truly customisable character and experience.

You’ll need to ensure you have all of the requirements for every piece of technology, however, and this generally means having a combination of Minerals, Bio Minerals, and Tech Materials in your inventory.

In this guide, we’ll take you through most of the materials found throughout Mass Effect: Andromeda, including where to find them and how rare they are.

Common Materials

Omni-Gel Canister

Where To Find: Omni-Gel is among the easiest minerals to find in Andromeda. It can be found on exiles from the Milky Way, as well as on their weapons and armor by dismantling anything you find from them. Most merchants also have it stocked.


Where To Find: There are two main ways to find Iron. The first is with the Tempest when you scan a planet. The orbital scan will pick up the signal, and you’ll be able to mine for it. It’s also common on most planets, and can be mined with the Nomad by press right on the d-pad, and then RB/R1 whenever Iron deposit graph spikes.

Planets: Eos, Elaaden


Where To Find: A common material found on Voeld in the Nol system, and Kadara in the Govorkam system. Also found via orbital scan, and commonly found stocked by merchants.

Planets: Voeld, Kadara

Soft Chitin

Where To Find: Some merchants will have them. A number of wildlife can be killed and then search for this material, namely Spitbugs and Pallads.


Where To Find: Copper is commonly found via orbital scan and by mining with the Nomad. Merchants on Kadara also stock it.

Planets: Voeld, Kadara


Where To Find: Silicon is commonly found via orbital scan and by mining with the Nomad. Merchants on Kadara also stock it.

Planets: Elaaden, H-047c

Kett Alloy

Where To Find: Can be found throughout Kadara in the Govorkam system by searching kits and loot boxes. Kill Kett, and dismantle any of their weapons and armor that you come across to also get some.

Renderable Plates

Where To Find: Many merchants sell it. Alternatively, you can hunt and kill Eirochs, Taurgs and Galorns for it.

Planets: Adhi, Eiroch, Taurg, Galorn

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