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Mass Effect Andromeda AVP and Cryo Pods guide – How to unlock them, and why they’re important

Mass Effect: Andromeda uses Andromeda Viability Points (AVP) to determine the viability of planets and the Andromeda galaxy broadly. And don’t worry, you’re not alone in automatically thinking of another sci-fi franchise: it sure is an unfortunate name to give an important game feature.

So what does AVP do, exactly? Mainly, AVP opens yourself and the Andromeda Initiative up to special perks, which will allow you to approach and complete missions with more efficiency and effectiveness.


When you take on the role of Ryder, you take on the role of Pathfinder, and this means it’s your job to ensure that the Initiative is able to find a home and comfortably set up base across many of the cluster’s “golden” worlds.

AVP plays an important role in that, but unfortunately, the game doesn’t do a very good job of explaining it all. In fact, it’s all rather vague and cryptic. In this guide, we’ll take you through AVP basics: how to earn them, when and where to use them, and why they’re so important.

How To Unlock AVP

In order to unlock the AVP feature and get started in setting up a new home in Andromeda, you need to complete the “AVP Cryo Deployment Perks” mission, which opens up once you colonise Eos.

Speak to Addison in Nexus Operations, and then move on over to Brecka. It’s here you’ll learn about the AVP Status Terminal on the Nexus and Tempest.

How To Earn AVP

AVP can be earned a number of different ways in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Scouting out new planets is probably the most obvious way, as the more planets that can sustain life, the more viable the galaxy is.

You can also complete Alliance missions on planets, take out enemy outposts, and reconnect Remnant Monoliths and Vaults to improve a planet’s environment (we’ll cover this in another guide).

When you’re on a planet, open up the planet map (via the pause menu). You’ll see that there is a “Viability” rating. The obvious goal is to get each potential world up to a 100% Viability rating. Every time you earn AVP, you increase the viability of a planet. Once a planet’s viability reaches at least 40%, you’ll be able to set up an Outpost. Some planets may require additional tasks and benchmarks be met before an outpost can be created.


How To Earn And Spend Cryo Pod Points

Your AVP level is actually just a small piece in a much bigger puzzle.

With every increase in AVP — achieved by increasing the habitability of planets, as listed above — you improve the Nexus level. With every new Nexus level, you earn a Cryo Pod Point.

The Nexus houses all of the pods needed to help expand and colonise Andromeda. With a Cryo Pod Point, you can “wake up” a pod from cryo sleep, and then send it out to planets to do a specific job.

Think of it this way: once you unlock a Cryo Pod Point, you use it to wake up one of Science, Military or Commerce crews to complete a set job in your colonies.

Each pod offers special rewards, such as loot boxes, gameplay bonuses, and more. You can claim rewards from the AVP Status Terminal in the Tempest research room, or on the Nexus in the operations room.

Different Cryo Pods

Science Pods


Lab Technicians

  • Effect: Analysis Heleus data with more efficiency. Rewards Research Points every 45 minutes of game time

Mining Operations

  • Effect: The Nexus will automatically allocate mining stations around Heleus. You will receive minerals every 45 minutes of game time

Improved Deployment

  • Effect: The Nexus runs at optimal performance. Research Data gain improves by 10%.

Expanded Field Analysis

  • Effect: Probes, drills and sensors are used at forward stations to automatically detect materials and resources.


Military Pods



  • Effect: Crew always has best access to best resources. Consumables dropped every 45 minutes of game time

Hunting Parties

  • Effect: Expert military personal hunt Heleus wildlife, improving ability to survive and understand encounters. Organic materials gifted every 45 minutes of game time

Special Forces

  • Effect: Trained squads take on Kett in enemy territory. Tech materials gifted every 45 minutes of game time


  • Effect: Long-range sensors and monitoring devices used at forward stations. Hidden caches revealed across the worlds

Advanced Training

  • Effect: Rewards 10% bonus to XP for completing set encounters.

Always Prepared

  • Effect: Unlocks additional consumables slot. Requires 90% viability on Eos.


  • Effect: Unlocks additional consumables slot. Requires 70% viability on Eos.

APEX Tactics

  • Effect: Rewards 15% boost to credits earned from APEX missions.


Commerce Pods


Financial Infrastructure

  • Effect: Rewards credits every 45 minutes of game time

Financial Infrastructure II

  • Effect: Rewards additional credits

Grey Market Connections

  • Effect: Merchant prices improved

Market Dominance

  • Effect: Merchants now offer special inventory

Trade Capacity

  • Effect: You can increase your inventory space

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