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Mass Effect Andromeda romance guide: How to romance every character

Romance is a pretty big deal in Mass Effect, and especially in Andromeda. You’re trying to colonise and thrive in a new galaxy, after all, so the prospect of intimacy, love, and, erm, conception are important steps in the human race’s push for colonisation.

When you first boot up your Andromeda game, you’ll be able to play one of either Scott (male) or Sara (female) Ryder, and will take on the role of the Pathfinder, Andromeda‘s primary protagonist.

As you progress through the game, you’ll meet new characters, many of whom are able to be romanced.

Your initial interaction with a lot of the characters will shape your relationship with them, and you may make it difficult to romance them later in the game should you choose the wrong option, and make the wrong decision when a quick-time event pops up on the screen.

Generally, leaning towards the Emotional response option (indicated by a love heart) is the best option. You can find a balance between casual and emotional if you like, but try not to upset the character, or create a divide with them.

Some characters will open up to you, while others will require a bit more work. Some characters will completely lock you off from a romance option if you don’t complete a specific task, or respond a certain way the first time you meet them.

Based on my own experiences, here’s what you need to do in order to get on the right track with each character open for romance.

Cora Harper

Romanced By: Scott Ryder

How To Romance: Cora is one of the more likeable characters on the Tempest, even if you don’t intend on romancing her. However, it’s easy to get on her bad side. She’s a great squadmate, so try to stay on her good side to best utilise her Biotic powers, both on the battlefield and — ahem — in her private quarters … if you’re into that sort of thing.


You’ll meet her shortly after first travelling to Planet EOS. You’ll want to visit Cora’s room, which is down the ladder. Always choose the emotional options in this case, and select “We’ll be good together” when the option presents itself. Compliment her a lot, ask about her military history, and complete her Alliance missions to go all the way.

Peebee (Bisexual)

Romanced By: Scott Ryder and Sara Ryder (gay romance option)

How To Romance: Peebee is a character you’ll either come to really enjoy, or dislike. She can be a real smart-ass, although she’s also really playful, which makes her a great option to romance.

First thing’s first: when you meet her for the first time, don’t push her away. She’ll jump on you, and you’ll be given the option to quickly push her off you. If you do, you’ll lock away a lot of the emotional romance dialogue options for the character.

You also don’t want to offend her, as she can be easily turned off by your stern, direct and robotic responses. During your first meeting, she’ll talk about “waking them up”. You need to choose the casual response, “So we follow the thread”.


Vetra Nyx (Bisexual)

Romanced By: Scott Ryder and Sara Ryder (gay romance option)

How To Romance: You should be able to open up the emotional romance dialogue line ofter your first meeting with Vetra on the Nexus. Head down to the cargo bay, approach Vetra, and look for the response, “You’re Intense, I like it”.


This will allow you to flirt and establish a bond and alliance with Vetra that could lead to a romantic fling.

Lexi T’Perro

Romanced By: Scott Ryder

How To Romance: Lexi can be a tough cookie to crack, and I think a good balance between Logical and Emotional responses will help you romance her.


The first time you meet her, there will be an option that reads, “You’re full of surprises.” This should open the romance option for you.

Suvi Anwar

Romanced By: Scott Ryder

How To Romance: Suvi sits on the bridge, to the left of the galaxy map. She’s actually one of the more intriguing and interesting characters on the Tempest, and she offers some interesting thoughts on God, faith, and science, so you should definitely try to chat casually with her.


Suvi will work closely with Ryder and SAM as he collects data across the worlds, so you’ll hear from her often. When she first joins the crew, welcome her, and select, “I could show you” when the option presents itself. It may take a while before you’re within a capacity to romance her, however.

Gil Brody

Romanced By: Scott Ryder (gay romance option)

How To Romance: Gil is the ship’s lead technician, and you’ll find him taking care of the Tempest’s systems. You’ll find him on the far end of the ship.

Head to the cargo bay and approach Gil. You’ll have a few flirtatious options available to you. There should be a line of dialogue, “I do more than show up”. This will open the romance line.

Liam Kosta

Romanced By: Sara Ryder

How To Romance: Go and chat with Liam at the back of the Cargo room, on the couch in front of the television. Compliment him and his company to open the romance line.


Romanced By: Sara Ryder

How To Romance: During the introduction in the Tempest Tech Lab, after you’ve recruited Jaal, select the flirt option, “One More Thing” during conversation. Ensure you complete this conversation before “A Trail Of Hope”  mission.

Reyes (bisexual)

Romanced By: Sara and Scott Ryder (gay romance option)

How To Romance: You must reject Sloan’s deal, and opt to allow Reyes to kill Sloan. This should open date night and flirting options with Reyes.


Romanced By: Scott Ryder

How To Romance: After visiting Aya and meeting with Evfra, head to the docks and select the dialogue option, “To meet people like you,” when it presents itself. This should open up the romancing line option.

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