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Nintendo Switch storage demand is rising, but you should avoid 128GB MicroSD Cards

With only 32gb of space, the Nintendo Switch isn’t the greatest console when it comes to internal storage, particularly in an increasingly digital age.

As great and as popular as the console has been, gamers have been forced to shell out even more on top of the console and other necessary accessories for MicroSD cards, should they wish to download games from the eShop, or go digital all together.

Cards are becoming increasingly inexpensive, but still lean towards the pricy side for larger storage.

With demand being as high as it is — more than 1.5 million gamers are scrambling for MicroSD cards — it’s no surprise that memory card manufacturers appear to be struggling to service the market.


Such is the struggle, that SanDisk MicroSD cards, specifically the 128gb cards, appear to be heating up to the point of actually melting.

It’s worth noting at this point that the Switch itself isn’t responsible for this: it’s exclusively related to a flaw with the design of the 128gb MicroSD card. The last thing you want is a super hot, melting memory card in your brand new Nintendo Switch.

We know it’s not a Switch issue, because the melting isn’t exclusive to the console.


A number of customers on Amazon (via PVP Live) have remarked that their cards are melting in cameras and laptop SD slots. That SanDisk 128gb model was one of the first of that size, and it stands to be quickly refined due to this major flaw.

So maybe steer clear of the 128gb cards for now.

Rory Lawless

Friday 17th of March 2017

Is this problem specific to Sandisk cards or all 128GB cards?


Friday 17th of March 2017

Shit....I've got a 128Gb card in my Switch currently. It's not a Sandisk card though. Will suss it out tonight.

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