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Nintendo Switch is bursting with potential, but it needs to break out of beta form

The Nintendo Switch is brilliantly designed, with only very minor flaws.

The system’s kickstand feels flimsy and I’m always worried it will collapse under the weight of the unit, and the internal storage demands additional buy-in for expensive microSD cards. Other than that, this is one of the best systems Nintendo has ever made.

The hybrid nature of the system means it offers the player true gaming freedom. Whether you want to play on your HD TV, or on a plane, or at the pub with your mates, the Switch lets you do all of that seamlessly.

Pulling the system from the dock sees you easily transition from playing on the TV, to playing on-the-go. It’s simple and lacks any of the messiness of Sony’s Remote Play feature.

As for games, the Switch is just not there yet. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece, and truly deserves to be played. But if you’re not willing to part with hundreds of dollars just to play one game, then you’re better off waiting.

All systems are defined by their games, and the Switch already has an instant classic.


It’s certainly a strong start, and Nintendo needs to navigate familiar waters to avoid seeing a repeat of the dark Wii U days of empty release schedules and a lack of third party support.

The Nintendo Switch is bursting with potential, but right now it still feels like it’s in beta form. And that’s okay, if you’re willing to buy into that experience. Nintendo won’t be launching its online services until later this year, and there’s still questions surrounding the Virtual Console.


As of right now there’s very little reason to buy a Switch … but if you did, then that’s okay. This is a very well made system that’s innovative, progressive and will set a new benchmark in how we approach console gaming.

Nintendo has a proud history of flipping the gaming industry on its head, and with the Switch the Japanese gaming giant has done so again.


Sunday 5th of March 2017

I'm playing SnipperClips at a bbq as we speak. Good times.

If only I had Street fighter on hand. Or even the games on the nes mini.

As a portbale console, there is no competition.

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