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Compulsory extras the biggest drawback for Nintendo Switch at launch

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch at launch are the optional and not-so optional additional buy-ins it requires.

I’m talking about microSD cards, pro controller, carry case, screen protectors, among others.

The Switch has 32GB of internal storage, an embarrassingly small number compared to the 500GB standard on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (with each of these systems now offering 1TB+ variants).

This is a necessary reality, I’m afraid, as Nintendo focused on packing the Switch with as big a battery as they could.


Instead, Nintendo expects Switch owners to offset the minimal storage space with microSD cards, which it can support up to 2TB. But they don’t exist just yet in the marketplace, and when they do will be beyond expensive. Even at retail, microSD cards can cost an arm and a leg for higher capacity ones.

This is an additional cost many just won’t want to wear, especially considering a digital copy of Breath of the Wild takes up just under half of the available space.

There’s also the added cost of a carry case, which is basically essential if you ever plan to use the Switch as intended.

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The Pro Controller is a purely optional feature, though for many out there will be essential buying. It is, however, also recommended for long play sessions.

While I’ve been okay up until now comfortably playing with two Joy-Con, I appreciate how amazing the Pro Controller really is. With a heavy, premium design it feels like a fusion between the DualShock 4 and the Xbox One’s controller.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch storage capacity and need for addition extras? Sound off in the comments below!

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