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Overwatch Competitive Play Season 3 rewards revealed

Overwatch‘s third season of Competitive Play is coming to a close, and we now have our first look at what to expect in the way of awards.

Competitive Play seasons last a little over two months, with Blizzard hoping to host four seasons every year. That would make room for one more season before Overwatch‘s first anniversary in May.

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Season 3 kicked off in late November and is about to hit the two-and-a-half month mark, meaning we’re coming to the end of what has so far been the best the Overwatch competitive scene has to offer.

The folks over at Metabomb ripped the awards for Season 3 from the Public Test Realm (PTR), and it seems as though they’re Volskaya-themed (about time Zarya got some love!).


Alongside the rewards, any players within the Top 500 will get a special invitation to the Overwatch discord, where they can potentially be recruited by professional Overwatch teams.

Competitive Points (CP) will be awarded just as they were in Season 2, and once again it appears as though they’ll be tied to your seasonal rank.

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You can use these points to purchase gold weapon skins of a weapon of your choice from any character. These weapons are the only items in the game that can currently be purchased with CP.

Here’s how many points each tier earns:


  • 100 CP


  • 200 CP


  • 400 CP


  • 800 CP


  • 1200 CP


  • 2000 CP


  • 3000 CP

There are also Volskaya-themed cosmetic items up for grabs, with a spray and icon awarded to all players.

The Russian theme comes after Ilios and Route 66-themed items from season one and season two, respectively.

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Players in the Top 500 will receive an animated version of the spray, as was the case in season 2.

Expect details for Competitive Play Season 4 to be revealed as soon as season 3 comes to a close. A late February launch seems likely for a mid-May finish, just as the game celebrates its first year.

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