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Every video game commercial from Super Bowl 51

Yesterday’s Super Bowl proved to be an exceptionally entertaining contest after what initially appeared to be a one-sided contest.

Regardless of your interest in the sport, it would have been hard to look away in those last 10 minutes, and that initial expectation of a blow-out quickly turned into one of the biggest comebacks in pro sport history.

While those of us in Australia use the Super Bowl as justification for drinking at 10am on a Monday, those in North America get a double-up in entertainment for the night: the game itself is almost as popular as the 30-second ads that fill the gaps between places and quarters.

There were a handful of video game commercials shown throughout yesterday’s Super Bowl, so let’s take a look at them.

Nintendo Switch

This ad says a lot without saying much: it simplifies the Switch’s best traits, and shows off Breath Of The Wild for some added appeal.

World Of Tanks

I’m not quite sure what to think of these World Of Tanks ads, but I guess they get the point across. The whole, “In a world of tanks, tanks rule!” tagline was a bit lost on me until I viewed the ad a few … although I guess that’s the point in attempting to lure casuals. I think. I have no idea. You be the judge.

Mobile Strike

I’ve never bothered to play this game, but it seems to be endlessly popular so who am I to judge. The Terminator has being doing ads for them for a while now, and obviously they’re working. I atually don’t mind this ad.

What are your thoughts about the Super Bowl 51 video game ads? Sound off in the comments below!

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