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World of Tanks’ Super Bowl 2017 ad is ‘stiff’ with ridiculousness

As Super Bowl LI (that’s 51) fast approaches — kick-off is at around 10:30 AEDT on Monday — companies from around the globe are scrambling to get their 30-second advertisements primed for a spot during the big game.

These ads often cost in the tens of millions of dollars to make, and a 30-second spot costs a lazy US$5 million. If you can’t half tell, those spots are in high demand, and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Including Wargaming. The company behind World of Tanks is throwing its, erm, tank into the ring at this year’s Super Bowl LI, and the above video is a teaser of what we can expect.

world of tanks super bowl 2017 ad
Stiffedra isn’t a real thing, but I’m guessing it does exactly what the first half of it name promises.

Super Bowl ads can certainly get raunchy, but this one has to be one of the cheesiest, dumbest, and just flat out confusing I’ve ever seen.

World of Tanks fans aren’t impressed, either.

world of tanks super bowl 2017 ad

“You need a new marketing strategy, that advert is garbage,” said one fan.

Another asked, “You guys spent money on this?”

My favourite is this comment, because it perfectly sums up the ad:

“That was … genuinely awful. An advert for an arcade tank game … based on, viagra, I assume? Seriously, it was terrible, sorry. I didn’t see any actual marketing in it. It was just “wahey! Erectile dysfunction gag! Tank! Play our game!”

world of tanks super bowl 2017 ad

Safe to say this ad does exactly what it intended to do: confuse everyone, impress no one, and slap the “World of Tanks” ad after something super sexy. Or something that tries to be super sexy.

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