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Resident Evil 7 Antique Coin location guide

Antique Coins form an important part of the Resident Evil 7 experience.

They are used to help purchase upgrades, which can be located within the many bird cages found throughout the experience. Once you find an upgrade, you use antique coins to purchase them.

Some Antique Coins are easy to find, while others require a little more investigation. You certainly want to collect as many as possible, as the increasing difficulty of the experience dictates you’re upgraded to full possible potential.

Finding all of the Antique Coins in this guide will net you the Pelicans In Your Pocket Achievement.

Antique Coin locations

Antique Coin 1

Inside Guest House 1F, head to the Kitchen. The coin is located inside a locked drawer, which you’ll need to do a few things in order to lock. Firstly, start the VHS Tape and watch through the whole thing. Once outside, search for a lockpock: you can’t miss it. Head into the Guest House, and open the drawer, before heading back inside to finish the tape. Once the tape is finished, you’ll find that the drawer in the kitchen is now unlocked, and the Antique Coin is yours for the taking.


Antique Coin 2

You’ll find this coin while trying to escape from Jack. This is shortly after the family dinner scene. While climbing through the crawlspace beneath Main House 1F, head towards the exit: there is a coin near the lawnmower.


Antique Coin 3

This coin is located inside the Main Hall of Main House 1F. Open your map, and head to the upper left-hand corner of the area. You’re looking for a drawer that sits just ahead of an old, dirty sofa. The coin is inside.


Antique Coin 4

You’ll need to head to Recreation Room inside Main House 2F for this coin. Head through the Main Hall, up the stairs, and then into the Rec Room. The coin is on the pool table.


Antique Coin 5

The coin is inside a toilet in the Bathroom of the second floor of the Main House.


Antique Coin 6

This coin is inside the Drawing Room in Main House 1F, inside an astray. If you get lost, look for a room with a stuffed deer.


Antique Coin 7

Head to the Processing Area. If you’ve already found the Scorpion Key, this coin is in the same area. To the left of where you find the Processing Area Map, crouch beneath a wood pallet up against a wall. The coin is inside, in a small little drawer.


Antique Coin 8

You’ll need to have fought Jack again in order to get this coin. Once outside near Zoe’s Camper, turn to the right, then right around, moving around the house. Look in the plants to find the coin.


Antique Coin 9

This coin is in Zoe’s Camper. One of the cages marked as “Magnum” houses a coin in front of it.


Antique Coin 10

Head into the Old House. The game’s story will take you through a small hole, where you’ll see Mia, Ethan’s wife. When you reach a trolley, look inside to find the coin.


Antique Coin 11

You should have found the Crow Key by now. This coin is found in the same area. You want to head to the shack directly north of the house. The coin is resting on top of the toilet.


Antique Coin 12

This coin can be found after opening the Crow Door (the big door with the crowd latched to it) in Old House 2F. Once you reach a point where a lantern is required, look around for some drawers. The coin is located inside.


Antique Coin 13

Head to Testing Area 1F. There is a storage room, just head of the barn. You’ll need to be wary of the booby traps in this area, which can kill you. There is a green desk. Look around for the coin in the drawer.


Antique Coin 14

You’ll have a battle in the barn, and then reach Testing Area 2F. Once there, push the button open the staircase that leads back to Testing Area 1F. The coin is located near a shelf in the corner.


Antique Coin 15

Head to Wrecked Ship 1F. As you make your way through the ship and initiate the flashback, a small opening will appear. Drop into the hole, head right (not left) to find the coin at the very end of this tight area.


Antique Coin 16

Also in Wrecked Ship 1F. At one point in the story, you’ll come across a dead body, which you’ll drop into the water. Look for a ladder near the water. The coin is located inside the water near this ladder.


Antique Coin 17

Head to Wrecked Ship 2F. You’ll need to find a lockpick to the north of the map. There is a ladder leading into a small room. Head up the ladder to find a lockpick. Then head to Wrecked Ship 3F. There is a locked red box. Unlock it with the lockpick to find the coin.


Antique Coin 18

You’ll need some Corrosive in order to melt through the box located in Wrecked Ship 2F. This houses the final antique coin in Resident Evil 7.


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