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Resident Evil 7 grenade launcher location and strategy guide

It wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game without a grenade launcher, right!?

Resident Evil 7 is certainly no exception, and while the game is light on action and heavy on exploration, puzzles, and, of course, scares, there’s a nice array of weaponry and melee tools that you’ll find along the way.

Perhaps the best albeit least-agile weapon in the game is the trusty old Grenade Launcher, and unfortunately it can be rather easy to miss and skip out on. Here’s how to get it.

Grenade Launcher location

Step 1

You’ll need the “Crow Key” to kickstart your search for the Grenade Launcher.

This key is located inside a shack across the walkway from the back of the house. You’ll need to extend the bridge to reach it.

resident evil 7 grenade launcher

Just behind the insect nest is a wheel you’ll need to turn to extend the bridge. Head inside the shack and grab the key.

resident evil 7 grenade launcher

Step 2 

Head back along the walkway towards the house. Head inside, and make your way upstairs to a door with a dead crow on it (you can’t miss it).


resident evil 7 grenade launcher

Use the Crow Key on the door. Head inside. The Rocket Launcher is directly inside the room.

resident evil 7 grenade launcher


Grenade Launcher strategy

Use flame rounds for best efficiency when it comes to the grenade launcher. They expand the blast and damage radius of the weapon, and are ideal to use when starting a fight and getting the upper-hand early on.


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Wednesday 25th of January 2017

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