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How to unlock the Final Fantasy XV Regalia Type-F Flying Car

Shortly after you first start your Final Fantasy XV adventure, you’ll gain access to the Regalia, a car that will greatly assist you when undertaking long-distance travel.

The Regalia has a few different driving options. The “Auto” mode makes Ignis drive to a marked location on the map, although this is only available during the day. If you choose the “Manual” option, Noctis will take control, meaning you’ll be driving the car.

You need to keep an eye on the fuel gauge, which is in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Whenever you see a gas station, fill up! This will ensure you don’t run out of gas at really inappropriate times, which can cause a massive dent in your adventuring. If you run out of gas, Noctis and the team will either need to push it back to the closest gas station, or call for Cindy to bring it back to Hammerhead.

If you’re lucking enough and you play your cards right, you may eventually gain access to the Regalia Type-F, which is a flying car. It has unlimited fuel, making it a must-have item throughout your Final Fantasy XV experience.

There are a few conditions that need to be met in order to unlock the Regalia Type-F:

  1. Complete “The Ever Illustrious Regalia” and “Formouth Garrison” quests to unlock the final piece of the engine puzzle.
  2. Complete all main quests to actually unlock the car.

The problem, however, is that Formouth Garrison is no easy area to conquer. Follow these steps and you should get through okay.

  1. It becomes available once you reach Chapter 08, but the car itself isn’t available until you’ve finished the main quest line
  2. To unlock this mission, walk close to it area
  3. Don’t bother trying to clear it unless you’re at at least level 45. In that case, just leave this entire event to when you finish up all of the main quests. Don’t bother trying to unlock the car beforehand because even if you finish the Garrison, you can’t get the car

Ideally, you want to tackle this once you’ve completed the main quest line. That way you’re in peak condition to battle the enemies, all of which are level 50-plus. There’s no point trying to conquer it any earlier because, again, the car isn’t available anyway.

You’ll receive the “Strange Engine” item once you finish this quest, and a new quest called “Into Unknown Frontiers” will also open up. Deliver the new engine part to Cindy at Hammerhead. Pending you’ve completed all of the main story quests and received the other two engine parts from the Warped Wings quest in Chapter 5 and Unstable Stabilizer quest in Chapter 6, you should be able to upgrade the Regalia to Type-F.

And that’s it! Safe flying!

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