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Final Fantasy XV AP Boosting Guide: Farm AP With This Magic Spell Formula

If you’ve spent some time crawling through our Ascension Tree guide for Final Fantasy XV, you may have noticed that AP forms a fairly integral part of the unlocking process. Now this form of in-game currency isn’t particularly easy to earn in that it can be incredibly tedious to farm.

However, in this guide we aim to make it as seamless and easy for you to boost and farm your AP stocks to the point where you can unlock each and every major Ascension ability by the time you reach the half-way point of the main quest line.

This guide is primarily aimed at the game’s first few hours, so if you’re just getting started with Noctis and the crew, following this will set you on your way. If you’ve moved beyond through the main quest, found some Chocobos and have already worked your way through some of the tree, it may not be as effective, but give it a go anyway: just adapt it to whatever point in the game you’re at, and integrate some of the side quests, interactions and battles that you haven’t yet undertaken.

  • First thing’s first: focus your initial Ascension unlocks to camping, character skills and driving, as these will help with exploration and the likes, which will form the basis of our farming efforts.
  • Secondly, you want to unlock Magic nodes fairly early on in order to develop black mage, which is a configuration capable of absolutely destroying pretty much any enemy in the game.

Once you reach a point in the main quest line and speak with Cindy and the Hammerhead, you’ll net 10 AP. This is where our AP farming adventures begin. Head to the bottom of this article for a tl;dr version.

Step 1

Stop any progression with the main quest at this point. You want to head over to Cotisse Haven, where you’ll set up camp and absorb the energy from the elemental deposits. This will net you 1 AP. Create a food recipe that doesn’t require ingredients, and then take the tour with Ignis for an additional 20 AP.


Step 2

Head back to the mini-mart at Hammerhead and buy 91 bottles of Sheep Milk. This should set you back 912 of the 1000 Gil you had to begin with. This is where our formula begins.


Step 3

Continue on the the main quest, and finish the four tutorials for an additional 12 AP.


Step 4

Use warp-strike and blindside to take out three enemies for 3 AP.


Step 5

Find your way over to Merrioth Haven. Absorb all of the elemental energy and unlock Happy Camping as your first Ascension node. Then, choose to camp, at which point your party will reach level 3. This will reward you 26 AP and allow you to unlock Happier Camper.


Step 6

For another 3 AP, head south from the last campsite to battle the Dualhorn.


Step 7

Once you take out the Dualhorn, head south-east towards Criclawe Haven. Once again, absorb the elemental energy, and you’ll be filled with all three elements. Train with Gladio, beat him, and take the 5 AP.


Step 8

After training with Gladio, camp for an additional 3 AP. Then, return to Merrioth Haven to camp again and receive 3 AP once again.


Step 9

Learn Powercraft from the Magic Ascension tree. If you don’t have enough AP at this point, keep moving back and forth between Criclawe Haven and Merrioth Haven to camp and build up your AP stocks. It’s a very easy way to farm AP.


Step 10

Once you have Powercraft, allot your fire energy and Sheep Milk that you bought earlier to a magic flask. You will end up with 14 Dualcast: Firaga spells, which has a potency of 207.


Step 11

In the next main quest, take out the Bloodhorn with a one-hit-kill blast of your newly acquired spell. Our magic formula!


Step 12

Take the “Rise And Shine And Run” tour at the Lachyrte Haven when you first reach Galdin Quay. This will net you 20 AP.


Step 13

From this point, you want to focus on these nexuses:

  • Roadrunning
  • Angler Action
  • Aftertaste
  • Appetize
  • Magic Action
  • Elementalism
  • Chocobump

The trick now is to get an additional magic flask from Chapter 02, that way you can keep all three magic elements maxed out at once. Then, simply keep combining the elements with 92 bottles of Sheep Milk, and you’ll find that hunting and sidequests are a walk in the park.

This method may seem a little unconventional to some,  but focusing on Exploration nodes will allow you to build up AP organically without really trying. It may seem tedious, but if you’re one to focus on sidequests and hunts ahead of the main quest line, you could certainly benefit from this.

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