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Pokemon Sun And Moon have broken all sorts of records in the UK

The release of Pokemon Sun and Moon tells as a few things.

Firstly, Pokemon is still as popular as it’s ever been, although it’s not like we needed reminding of that, especially after the insanity that was Pokemon Go. Secondly, it goes to show just how relevant and influential Nintendo still is, although — again — it’s not like we needed to be reminded.

Okay so basically we’re in the exact same position as we were pre-Pokemon Sun and Moon launch, but at least we have a new Pokemon and everything is good with the world!

While many a Pokemon fan is undoubtedly happy about the release of the latest entries, retailers are surely also dancing in the aisles thanks to the success of the franchise. In fact, Pokemon Sun and Moon has gone on to break all sorts of records in one of Nintendo’s largest and most important battlefields: the UK.

Eurogamer reports that, while both Sun and Moon have debuted in third and fourth place on the UK sales charts, they have sold twice as well as the last Pokemon game at launch.

Impressively, they have also managed to outsell the previous launch-week record holder for a Nintendo game, smashing Wii Fit to take the mantle as the best selling Nintendo game at launch ever in the UK.

That is mightily impressive. It gets better: combining both games gets a total that is more than FIFA 17 sales, which would put Pokemon firmly at the top of the UK sales charts, which is insane considering how popular FIFA 17 is in the region.

It’s been a huge year for Pokemon and its fans!

If you’re playing Pokemon Sun and Moon, be sure to check out some of our guides, including our Happiness guide and Technical Machines location guide.

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